17th Monthsary

December 7, 2008

Just came back home and today was our 17th Monthsary.

Met at around 17:00 today and head down to Suntec / Bugis area. Have a sudden thought of getting a picnic basket so we went searching for places that sell it. The first place we went to was Carrefour and while they do sell (big) picnic baskets, the price was way too high.

So, we decided to go somewhere else instead to look for it. But before we left Suntec, we passed by a push-cart that sell gummies and got a packet of the watermelon flavour gummies. It tastes sourer than the usual ones I bought.

After leaving Suntec, we head down to Arab Street to continue our search. Finally, found a shop which sells baskets, but the owner was in the process of closing his shop. So, unfortunately, I guess we have to come back another day.

I recalled the last time I came to Arab Street was when I was in primary 6 and it was a class outing to Kampong Glam. It appears nothing much has changed over there. Even till today the stalls there are mainly selling fabric and carpet.

We thought of walking to Little India after that but somehow couldn’t figure our way. Eventually gave up on that idea and decided to walk back to Bugis instead. Dinner for tonight was steamboat and the tom yam soup I had was really nice and hot too! We ate all the way from 19:00 to 21:30, then walked from Shaw Gallery to Suntec, before taking a bus back home.

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