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December 19, 2008

Actually, thought of blogging it tomorrow, especially since i’m really tired at this late hour.. But, I just couldn’t wait to blog about what happened today! As mention, is our trip to the Zoo & Night Safari!

Bf came over to meet me at 8am this morning.. and we took bus 178 to Mandai. With sunblock, umbrella, a 1.5 litres of water, and some cash, we’re more than ready to start of our day at the Zoo. A place that is so uniquely Singapore.

Initially, we thought of having our breakfast at the KFC, before proceeding into the Zoo. But who knows that the KFC opens at 10am! We gave up on the idea of having breakfast, and so, went to purchase our admission tickets! Is a 2-in-1Park Hopper Tickets, meaning Zoo plus the Night Safari, for a cost of $30.

We got two of the tickets, together with a map for Zoo and the other for the Night Safari, and off we go into the Zoo.. We was attracted to the huge souvenir shop right in front of us, and thus went in for shopping, though the items suit more to the tourist.

After coming out from the souvenir shop, we began our walk to look for all the different animals.. which includes the otter, white tiger, pygmy hippo, hamadryas baboon, etc.. As we made our way in, it also brings our way to the amphitheatre, where we watched the first animal show of the day.. the Rainforest Fights Back.. The show lasted for around 30mins, and right after the show, we got to rush to another theatre for the Splash Safari show..

During the Splash Safari show, we get to meet the manatee, penguin and the intelligent sealion!

After the show, we’re really tired and famished! So, we got to move further in to the Zoo in order to go for KFC at the Rainforest Kidzworld.. Finally, we’re there for our lunch.. It was slightly before 12 noon, and people are flooding in right after noon..

Do you know what is this?

Is our combined weight.

After having our lunch, we continued our walk around the Zoo, where we saw lion, giraffe, zebra, cheetah, white rhino and polar bear..

Reaching the centre of the Zoo is the Free Ranging Orang Utan area.. and it was the time schedule for pictures taking with the orang utan. Thus, we decided to take pictures with them, as a form of souvenir for this trip to the Zoo.

After photo-taking, we got to go back to the souvenir shop to collect our pictures.. With these nice pictures, we decided to say good bye to the Zoo. It was around 3pm, and if we’ll to wait for the Night Safari, we will need to wait for at least 4 hours. So, we took bus out of Mandai, and went bf’s house for a rest.. and settled our dinner too. After dinner, it was around 6:45pm and we headed back to the Night Safari..

Reached slightly close to 8pm.. and we’re welcomed by all the nice Christmas lighting’s.. 🙂 We decided to go for a shop at the souvenir shop first, before we head for the Creatures of the Night Show at 8:30pm. We made our way to the theatre, whereby we saw this long queue.. Initially, i thought it should be for some restaurant or for the tram rides.. But, it was for the animal show instead. And even though it was a long queue, the show for the 8:30pm show was full house!

Leaving with no other alternatives, we decided to go for the tram ride instead. Similarly, it was a really long queue, but luckily the tram come by very quickly, one after another.. and so, we managed to broad one after a short wait. The whole tram right last for 45mins, covering 3.2km! Sitting in the tram, we’re being drove around almost the whole Night Safari. We’ve managed to catch a view of most of the animals..

After the tram ride, we’re being brought back to the same location. So, we decided to go for the 9:30pm animal show, and we’re just in time for it. After the show, we decided to go for the 2 walking trails – the fishing cat trail and the leopard trail, which will bring us to parts where by is not covered under the tram ride.

Saw lots of animals and is a pity for not able to take pictures of them, as no flash lights are allow from the cameras. It is said that flash lights will make the animals go blind, since they’re night creatures.

We left the Night Safari slightly after 11pm, and was waiting for the bus outside Night Safari.. It took really long for the bus to finally reached.. and I’m back home right before midnight, and bf is just in time for the last train back home.

It was really a nice experience for the Zoo and Night Safari for the two of us, which will last us for years! I don’t know when will be my next trip to these 2 places..


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