A Night in the Netherworld (Preview)

October 31, 2010

All these years, Halloween had never been an event that I’ll celebrate. I suppose this is common in Singapore?

Anyway, I decided to celebrate it this year since it happened that there was a Halloween event in Universal Studio, and I managed to get my hands on the ticket!

Was working morning shift that day. So after work, I dragged Fahana and Ili to have dinner together at HarbourFront McDonald’s. Wasn’t really hungry, so we just ordered some light snacks.

Headed back to Resort World when it was about time. Event starts at 20:00 and it was held in the New York zone.

A Night in the Netherworld (Preview)

All lights in the park were either switched off or dimmed down to create the atmosphere. And crew members are mostly dressed up according to the theme.

Ili went ahead to meet up with her friends, so it was just Fahana and I. Perhaps we’ve anticipated too much for the event. We ended up didn’t get scared by anything.

with Kelvin & Fahana.

I believe it only took us half an hour to finish up the whole route. So after we were done, we went over to meet up with Sakina and settled our dinner together at Mel’s Drive In. They have got really nice burgers, and the combo set only cost SGD6.

After meal, accompany Sakina to walk one final round before heading off. Eventually left the park at around 22:00.


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