2011 Bali Trip Day 3 (Nusa Dua / Denpasar)

June 5, 2011

We started day 3 with our morning breakfast again.


We went back to the villa after our breakfast, and I showed bf one of the tours that our villa offers, which I like to go. Initially, we’ve agreed not to go for any tour because we find that going shopping for 5 days is good enough.

However, this 6 hour tour happens to cover most of the attraction / places of interest that Joycelyn recommend to me earlier on, and the price seem to be quite reasonable too. Thus makes me suddenly feels like going for it!

Luckily bf agreed and so, we went out to the receptionist and inform her that we would like to go for this tour on the following day. After much discussion, she recommends us to start the tour at around 2pm, so that we’ll be able to fit everything into the schedule and end the tour by 8:30pm.

After confirming our tour for the next day, we got to plan how we like to spend the rest of our third day! Thankfully, bf did some online research and decided to bring me down to Nusa Dua!

And as the transportation provided by our villa only bring us to either Kuta or Semiyak, we got to figure our own way to get to Nusa Dua. Hence, we decided to make our own way out of the villa to the main road and hail a taxi to travel down..

The ‘don’t disturb’ sign that we put on the door..


Sunny sunny weather!


Is quite a common sight to see these vodka bottles, filled with petrol, at the road side. It is said to be for motorcyclist who are too lazy to make the trip to the petrol station. 1 litre will cost around RP5,000..

Nusa Dua is consider quite a distance away from Semiyak.. Think it took us around half an hour, and about RP85,000 to travel there.

But apparently, is all worth it!

We alighted right outside the Bali Collection..

4 out of the 10 key-chains that I bought..


After coming out from Bali Collection, we decided to walk down to the Beach. That’s one of the nice thing about Bali.. There are beach at different area, and each of them are unique and beautiful in its own way..

But still.. I must say..

I love Nusa Dua Public Beach! It’s so pretty! To us, it’s the nicest beach that we been to in this trip.

After leaving the beach, we decided to take a cab to Carrefour for some shopping before returning to Semiyak. Initially, we wanted to hail a cab that is going by meter fare. However, there wasn’t one around, so we decided to take the “private” transport (Meaning, we let the driver know which location we want to go and they’ll quote us the price).. This type of vehicle is actually quite common around Bali. And actually, I prefer this type better cos the car is much more comfortable and there is strong air-con in the car.

The Carrefour mall

Inside this mall, apart from the mega big Carrefour store, there are also other shops that you can typically find in a shopping mall. Retail outlets, food court, fast food, etc.

Have to deposit our big bag to the counter..


We’re at the bakery session! Look at those yummy tarts! Can’t help but to buy a few of them back to the villa!

Very much like the one in Singapore huh..


We spent half a million in Carrefour.. That’s about S$80!


After coming out from Carrefour, we decided to have lunch before heading back to the villa. And lunch was once again at A&W because I’m having craving of their milk shake and ice cream waffle.

= S$11.00

After lunch, we took a cab back to the villa to unload all our purchases, changed and head out again. On our way out to the main road, we saw them:

Another common sight around Bali is cow..


WAHAHA Pork Ribs billboard..

Anyway, we took a cab and travel all the way down to Denpasar (ya, I discovered Carrefour is in Denpasar too.. but we’re travelling to another part of Denpasar?) to this night market..

Very similar to the one at Paya Lebar during Hari Raya period. Basically just a big pasar malam!

And I’m very, very, very happy to finally find sweet corn outside the night market! This is really a must try in Bali! The uncle will help you to charcoal bbq the corn, then add butter and some kind of sauce/flavour on it.. So is crunchy when you bite on it.. juicy, sweet and a little spicy!

See how big this corn is!

We shopped for awhile, where I managed to get a bag and bf got a sunglass for RP60,000. Then, we crossed over to another night market / (carnival?) which was just right opposite the road. But, for this, we have to each pay a entrance fee of RP2,000 each.

Inside, they sell a lot of different items, ranging from furniture to mattresses, to electrical appliances, to bags, to sunglasses, to snacks, etc. And guess what? Bf saw the identical sunglasses that he bought earlier on for only RP20,000! So, we ended up getting more sunglasses..

Hmm, maybe I should call this a fun fair? After coming out, we decided to call it a day and take a cab back to our villa. We been walking and walking along the road, trying to hail a cab, but there was basically none on the road! That was really bad. Ended up, we walked all the way back to the first night market. And we’re lucky to meet a security guy who was nice enough to help us to phone for a cab. All thanks to him, if not I doubt we’ll get a cab that fast!



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