2011 Bali Trip Day 4 – Part 1 (Bali Collection / Nusa Dua Beach)

June 9, 2011

Day 4 was a rather long day for us.. Thus, decided to split the entry into three parts.

We started Day 4 really early as it was our last full day in Bali, and we’ll be going for the 6 hours tour later in the day.

Enjoying our breakfast again..

And I’m having both the strawberry and melon juice!

We head out straight after our breakfast, to Nusa Dua again because we really like the beach a lot!

Initially, we wanted to alight right outside the Nusa Dua Public Beach. However, the driver somehow lost it way and drove us to some other beach instead!

After some clarification, we managed to end up back at Bali Collection and that’s how we ended up doing some shopping instead!

Stopped by at Starbucks, where we get some t-shirts back as souvenir.

Initially, we only got 1 t-shirt, which bf wants it for himself. But we later decided to make another trip back and got 2 more instead.

Unfortunately, it started raining right after we left.. And it was a heave downpour. As such, we’ve to make another trip (third trips) back to Starbucks again! This time round not only did we get shelter, but also more souvenir..

Mine is the one that top with whipped cream.

Some of the Polaroids we took earlier on.

Luckily, it didn’t takes too long for the rain to stop, so we’re able to get to the beach right after that.

In fact, the weather gets even better after the rain.

Over at the beach..

We did went down to the water.. And surprisingly, the water wasn’t that deep and we can walk rather far into the water, but still be very safe. Also, the water wasn’t that cold because of the sunny weather.

Simply love lying in the water, looking at the whole beach!

Last few pictures of the beach before we left..

Eventually, we left the beach at around 12:30pm and decided to go for a last minute shopping at the factory outlets store before heading back to the villa. And surprisingly enough, we met the driver who drives us to Carrefour the day before and he offered to drive us to the factory outlets.

(Didn’t have any pictures for the factory outlets as we were really in a rush then. And we left there empty-handed.)

The taxi that we always took in Bali..



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