4th Anniversary | New Camera

July 15, 2011

Just last week, we celebrated our 4th anniversary which was on July 7th!

The night before, I actually went to get advanced tickets for Transformer, just in case we couldn’t get the tickets again. So, timing of the movie was fixed at 12:40 and we planned to meet up at 10:30am at West Mall for breakfast.

However, in the end we didn’t even have any breakfast and instead, went up to Harvey Norman to get a new camera! In some way, we did plan to get a new camera, since he spoiled my camera during the previous flea market! And we do have the camera model that we want in mind, so is just took us a while (to ask about the freebies that came along), before we finally got it.

So there we have our new toy!

Leaving West Mall, we took the train down to Dhoby Ghaut, before walking over to The Cathay for the movie! I’m actually pretty excited about catching Transformer because firstly, I’ve heard a lot of awesome review about the movie; and secondly, I love Bumblebee!

Therefore, needless to say, the movie was awwesssome! Nice storyline, terrific graphic!

(And on a side not, I still prefer Megan Fox. She is basically a part of the movie, so without her just make me feels that something is missing)

After leaving The Cathay, as part of what we’ve planned earlier on, we decided to go to the Asian Civilisation Museum to take a look at the Terracotta Warriors exhibition. This is basically because previously we saw the news and was amazed by what they say about the graphic coming to life, by looking it through your smart phone. So we really want to go and have a look.

And here come the part where we both assume and thought that the Asian Civilisation Museum is just located nearby Dhoby Ghaut area (since most well-known museum such as the Art Museum / National Museum are all situated nearby that area). Never did we know that the Asian Civilisation Museum that we’re going to is the one located at 1 Empress Place (which is nearer to Clarke Quay area)!

It was only after walking a significant distance, couldn’t locate the museum, before we notice this mistake! Ended up, we simply walk back to Dhoby Ghaut station to take a bus down to Clarke Quay. And from there, we’ve to walk another long distance before we finally locate the museum.

By the time we reached, it was around 16:00 and we were already so, so tired. Take a rest, before getting the tickets to go upstairs for the exhibition. (Students like him get in for free, whereas I’ve to pay SGD8 for the entry.)

I like to get him to do silly stuff.

And more silly shots.


After leaving the museum, it was time for our dinner! Headed over to Marina Square and settled our dinner at Sakae Sushi.

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