BF 23rd Birthday

April 13, 2011

It’s birthday celebration again!

To date, it is the 4th time we’re celebrating his birthday together.. And each time, we always tried to do different things. I guess so far, the one that left the deepest impression to him should be his 20th birthday.

Nonetheless, we’re still going to spend this special day differently this year.

We arranged to meet up at noon at Jurong Point that day after his morning classes. He ended his lesson earlier than expected and initially he offered to come and meet me at my place instead. But though I’m running late, I still insisted to meet him at JP.

Cab down and managed to reach before noon. And on my way there I was texting him saying finally I’M NOT LATE ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Haha..

The reason why I insisted to meet him at JP is because… I decided to draw a birthday cake for him this year!

And so, we went over to Icing Room.. It just nice that we reached at noon because this “DIY your own cake” thingy only starts after 12pm. There are three sizes for the cake and we decided to go for the smaller one, which is at 4″.

Apart from the cake, we are also given the other materials that we’ll be going to use for the drawing. With that, we I started my drawing.

As regards to the design of the cake, I decided to draw “KAI XIN” on it. It is actually a random ‘cartoon’ design that I created long time back when we just get together. And I think it’ll at least be meaningful if I was to use that as a design and not just plain wordings.

By the time we finished drawing, it was around 12:50pm. It means we took nearly 50mins to draw on the cake!! Luckily we’re there early and there wasn’t any other customer, if not I guess we’ll have to keep in the time frame of 30mins to finish our drawing.

After packing up, we decided to head for lunch. And we settled it at NewYork NewYork, since it was just nearby.

After we’re done with our meal, we decided to cut the cake. As we’re still going out for the rest of the day and we can’t possibly bring the cake around. Plus, the cake may possibly melt because of the cream.

The staffs over at NewYork NewYork were nice enough to help us set up the cake. But here comes the funny part. I assume because I wrote KAI XIN on the cake, the staff thought that it was actually the name of the birthday girl / boy, so he / she decided to write that on the plate. I couldn’t stop laughing looking at that.

I think we just have to treat it as it’s our 45th Monthsary celebration cake!

See that? Initially we thought it’s just a vanilla cake but it’s actually a fruit cake! So it’s definitely value for money.

Bf with his birthday hong bao..

Leaving Jurong Point, we took train down to City Hall.. Decided to catch a movie over at the newly renovated Eng Wah Cinema at Suntec City.

After getting our movie tickets we passed by the arcade and saw this new machine situated right outside. Turns out, it is actually a dance/singing recording video whereby they will capture your face and crop your head and add it to the dancing video. Pretty cool.. And we decided to give it a try!

I chose Taylor Swift’s – You Belong With Me, as that is the only song I know from the whole list! I kept laughing when I saw our video playing on the screen when we’re waiting for the DVD to be ready.

After catching our movie, we decided to go for dinner at Astons, as we didn’t want to be too full for our dessert.

The food portion at Astons is always just nice for me and I managed to finish up my food!

Cross over to Marina Square then to Esplanade to get our dessert! Cos I planned to get the take-away fondue set from Haagen-Dazs! At first, we thought of getting the set and dine inside the café, but the staff didn’t allow.. So, we have to keep to our plan and bring it out.

As Citibank cardholder get 10% off for minimum $50 spent, we decided to top up with a single scoop of ice cream. Enjoying our Mango Sorbet while waiting for the fondue set to be ready..

Initially, we wanted to cross over to MBS and find a spot to sit down and have our fondue. However, we couldn’t figure a way to get to the back of MBS. Walking will simply take us to long to reach and we can’t risk the 1 hour time frame before the ice cream start melting.

So, we ended up at the back of Marina Square. Found a spot, and the wind kept blowing, making it so difficult to light up the candle.

According to the instruction manual, we’re supposed to heat the hot choco in the microwave before pouring it into the bowl and light the candle. And that’s why by using just the candle simply can’t warm up the sauce at all! Maybe it did help to make it a little more romantic.

With that, we ended that night with our 16 scoops of ice cream…


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