Breaking Soon?

January 22, 2011

Just want to share something random that happened today.

The BF and I were both working morning shift today. So as usual, he was waiting for me at the wardrobe after work. While I was changing my uniform, he was sitting outside at the sofa area. My colleague (one of the Philippines interns from my store) was seated next to him so needless to say, they both started chatting.

The conversation went like this:

Intern: “So how long have you and Joanne been together?”
BF: “Around three and a half year.”
Intern: “Wow, that’s very long.”
BF: “Hmm..”
Intern:” Are you guys breaking soon?”
BF: “Huh?!” (He thought he heard wrongly.)
Intern: “Are you guys breaking soon?”
BF: “Of course not!”
Intern: “Any intention of breaking?”
BF: “No.”

I can’t stop laughing when the BF told me about the conversation. Never had I been asked about that question and I believe he’s the first and only one who ask that. Not something I would have expected.

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