Pei Boon’s 22nd Birthday

January 17, 2011

So after the farewell dinner on Friday night, I headed down to Holland Village to meet Pei Boon and the rest to celebrate his 22nd birthday!

Birthday celebration was held over at Everything with Fries..

There I saw so many familiar faces.. all from BVSS.

As I just had my dinner earlier on, I didn’t get to try anything on the menu.. Except stealing fries from other’s plate. And since I was sitting directly opposite Augustine, I was talking to him most of the time. Haha.. I suppose I was glad to have someone there willing to listen about my “oh-so-boring” working life.

When everyone is almost done with their meal and as the time get near to midnight, we get ready the cake and sing the birthday song to our dear friend!

Seeing the candles on the cake, I suddenly felt that we had grown so old.. Graduated from secondary school at the age of 16 and at a blink of an eye, we are now turning to 22 years old??!! Freaking scary isn’t it?

I stayed on for awhile more before leaving at around 12:30am..When over to meet my sweet bf, who send me to Holland V and waited patiently for me while I went to meet up with my friends 🙂 Felt really guilty towards him for I left him alone there waiting for me.

I’ll feel even more bad if I’ll to head back home just like this, so decided to go over to Swensen to have our supper!

Ordered fried calamari rings and celebrity brownie..

Cab back home after that and I manage to reach home at around 1:45am. Bf reached home even later, and the poor boy is working morning shift in a few hours time.

Felt seriously bad and guilty, but happy at the same time for having such a bf 🙂


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