Universal Studios Singapore (Part 2)

March 1, 2011

After coming out from the WaterWorld show, our plan was to catch the Monster Rock show over at the Pantages Hollywood Theater at 2:30pm. So, meanwhile, we decided to walk down to Hollywood zone to have our lunch!

While passing by Far Far Away..

Magnificent castle 🙂 + Gloomy weather 🙁


We managed to catch Shrek & Fio~na!!


Then while passing by Madagascar, we saw the cast..


Photo with King Julien..


and with Gloria! So cute!!


Location: Hollywood
Attractions: Pantages Hollywood Theater – Monster Rock

We settled lunch over at Mel’s Drive In.. Yummy crispy chicken burger!

After fulfilling our stomach, we’re just in time for the Monster Rock show. But before going in to the theater, we quickly walked over to the popcorn cart to get my popcorn! That’s one of the thing I reminded myself to get during this trip 🙂

This show is basically a rock-n-roll musical involving around the universal classic monsters.. Similarly, the show lasted for around 30mins.

After coming out from the theater, we walked in to Brown Derby to take a look at all the funny, crazy, silly hats! Apart from their famous hats & accessories, they also carry a range of Betty Boop merchandise such as wallets and handbags.

One picture with Woody Woodpecker and his girlfriend before we left Hollywood!

Location: Madagascar
Attractions: King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round
Merchandise: Penguins Mercantile

We were waiting for the Madagascar Boogie! show at 3:30pm.. So since we still have the time, we decided to go to Penguins Mercantile to take a look! They have so many cute plushes!!


And we’re ready for the show!


There is suppose to be a characters meet and greet session after the show.. But due to the gloomy weather, it was cancelled. So we planned to come back again for the next show at 5:15pm, but we ended up being too caught up with other things that we totally forgotten about that! 🙁

Decided to walk back to Far Far Away for our Shrek 4-D Adventures.

Queuing time was about 10mins, and there is seriously no need to use express tickets for this atttraction. Because even if you get to go in early, you still have to wait up for others to come in before the show can be started.

I love the show, but hate the opening parts where we’ve to watch this video about the story of Shrek & Lord Fargar. The whole video took at least 10mins. I would rather prefer they just start the 4-D show immediately.

Lovely posters put up on the wall outside the theatre.


It was raining heavily by the time we finished the 4-D show. Because of the rain, most of the outdoor rides are closed. So we decided to walk over for Donkey LIVE show!

There will be one show in every 30mins. Glad that the show is about to start when we reached, thus we don’t have to wait at all.

It also our first time catching the show and I would recommend you to watch only if you have the time.

Rained stopped by the time we came out from the show so we decided to walk back to The Lost World for Canopy Flyer. After which, we walked back to try on Enchanted Airways!

I love Enchanted Airways! Though it’s a junior roller coaster, it’s very exciting with all the turning and plunges. Some even said that it’s the junior version of BattleStar Galactica HUMAN!

After the roller coaster ride, we walked further down to Madagascar for King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. Love the carousel with so many cast of Madagascar on it.

Down from the Carousel, we continued our way up from Ancient Egypt. Passed by New York area where we get to meet Marilyn Monroe!

Location: New York
Attractions: Lights, Camera, Action!

Back to Ancient Egypt, we once again tried on the Revenge of the Mummy!

Then we walked down to The Lost World to take the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure again. Bf said no matter what, we’ve to try till we get wet from the ride. Haha! And luckily we managed to get wet from our second attempt!


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