Universal Studios Singapore (Part 4)

March 2, 2011

Here are some tips to share if you’re planning to come in to Universal Studios Singapore:

First – come on a normal weekday! (Not normal weekday here is referring to school holidays or public holidays) Because you can really save on a lot of the time for queuing, and that would means that you’ll have more time for other attractions or even try twice for those that you like!

Secondly – prior to coming to the theme park, try to get hold of the show timing sheet and studio guide. In this way, you can get to plan your schedule before hand and lower the chance of missing out on any of the show or performance.

Thirdly – go for rides that are more popular first, especially so if you’re coming on a peak period. This includes rides like BattleStar Galactica CYLON / HUMAN, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer.

Fourth – if you happened to shop for merchandise when you just came in or in the early afternoon, do remember to use the package pick-up service available. This means that they are able to send your items to the front entrance and you’re able to collect them right before you leave. However, do note that this service is only available in the early afternoon (say before 4pm) and can only be collected 3 hours later after your purchase.

Fifth – keep your shopping to the last, after you’ve tried all the must-take attractions. Especially for stores located in the Hollywood zone (SilverScreen, Star Character, Studio Store) Though the park close at 7pm, these are the stores that may close slightly later since they are nearer to the entrance.

Six (optional) – remember to bring your own umbrella! Haha.. Since it has been raining quite frequently lately, you may one to have a umbrella with you so that you can move around more easily. Alternative, you may also purchase reusable/disposable poncho at most of the retail stores.

Talking about rain, do also keep in mind what are the attractions available during raining times as most outdoor rides will be closed. Such indoor attractions will be Shrek 4-D Adventures, Donkey LIVE, Lights, Camera, Actions!..

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