2012 Bangkok Day 3: Departure

May 11, 2012

So after having my late night supper, I went back to take a nap before waking up again at 04:00. Didn’t want to waste our time since it was our last day in Bangkok, so I told the Boyfriend I wanted to go downstairs to have a look (Hoping that the massage place or McDonald’s is open).

But ended up, none of the places was opened, but we did notice quite a number of people preparing to set up their temporary tents. It was only 04:00 in the morning, but people were starting to set up their stall! That makes me feel bad that I always complain when I went to set up flea markets at 14:00.

I didn’t want to shop at 04:00 when people were busy setting up their stalls, so we just walk down the streets, and ended up seeing train and RATS! I got the scare of my life when the rats just ran right in front of my foot! And there were at least ten of them by the roadside; with each one at least 1.5 x the size of those we see in Singapore!

Of course, we ran for our life!

Went back up to the hotel and stop by the Family Mart to get cup noodles and potato chips! Love the seaweed lays potato chips! So much so that both the Boyfriend and I ended up bringing three packets back to Singapore.

07:00 breakfast at Level 82 again.

Coconut puddings!

In one of the accessories shops in Pratunam City Complex. They have lots of accessories at very reasonable price, and they even allow me to mix and match my items to get it at wholesale price. So I ended up picking quite a few for my sister.

We also went to get these cartoon bags and trolley as our extra luggage to hold all our purchases for this trip! I got the Doraemon bag at THB65 (approx SGD2.60). There were also cheaper ones available if you don’t mind the designs. But I thought the Doraemon one was cute!

Back to the hotel room, we began to do our final packing before checking out of the hotel at noon.

Decided to keep my luggage space for all the food items, and use the Doraemon bag for clothing and etc.

Our check out time for the hotel was at noon, and we were told that there wasn’t any complimentary late check out because the hotel was fully booked. So, after checking out, we left our bags in the lobby and went out for a final round of shopping, before catching our flight at 18:00 (Bangkok’s Time).

Took a taxi to Siam Paragon. And look how interesting the taxi is.

Some guy was climbing up high to fix the cable. (I wonder how he determines which wire is for which.) It’s pretty scary looking at the way he fixes the cables above the streets. Just look at how messy and complicated it is.

Arrived at Siam Paragon.

The reason why we wanted to come here was to look at their Underwater World. I heard it was as good as the one in Japan? Unfortunately, we didn’t get to visit because of time constraint.

It was THB900 for each adult ticket if you’re interested in visiting.

Group photo with the Underwater World Stingray Mascot!

Here’s another wax figure we found in Siam Centre.

The land of thousand smiles.

Street food: Some sort of pork meat ball, that contains rice in it.

Our last stop of the day was at MBK Center!

Was deciding between Siam Discovery and MBK Center (since the two malls are just right across the street from each other), and ended up choosing the latter. Nothing much to shop in there, but we managed to find a shop that sells lots of crackers (pork floss, durian chips, nuts, etc.) So we did get quite a few to bring back to Singapore.

Took a taxi back to the hotel to collect our luggage, before heading off to the airport. As a guide, we paid THB400 for the journey from the hotel to the airport.

Reached the airport at slightly past four so we only had around half an hour to shop at the Duty-Free area before boarding.

And while the Boyfriend’s parents went to have their lunch; I managed to sneak over to Victoria’s Secret and the cosmetic area to do a little shopping. Last purchase before I left Thailand was… Mango Sticky Rice! Contented that I finally managed to get that and satisfied my craving.

Here are the haul of the day for Day 3.

So I guess that conclude our three days two nights trip to Bangkok!

I feel like I didn’t get to do a lot of shopping done nor try a lot of Thai cuisine this time round? But, I can foresee myself returning soon! (I suppose I say this for all of my trips, but honestly, I would love to go back to Bangkok and Bali! Not so much for Batam.)

In my future trip to Bangkok, I would most certainly like to visit Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam and Chatuchak Weekend Market!

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