June 10, 2012

Spent more than 3 hours of my Thursday afternoon at the salon and finally get my rebonding done. Have the thought of doing perm.. But I chicken out at the very last minute and thought it’ll be safer if I’ll to stick to rebonding instead.¬†Shall keep perming for the future when my hair is even longer.

Anyway, I dislike going to the salon, because of the fact that I’ve to stick to the chair for so long! Is a torture when the hairdresser is straightening / flattening my hair and I have to sit there.. I almost wanted to ask him to pause and allow me to stand up and stretch my bones. Haha. But since I didn’t, I’ve to distract my mind by thinking of all the nice food.. (Lesson learnt: never go to the salon with an empty stomach!) because bf is treating me dinner at night!

So, after getting my hair done, I rushed home, got changed and head out again to meet the Boyfriend for the PC Show at Suntec City.

Initially, he wanted to check out if there is any attractive deals if he’ll to re-contact his broadband and hand phone lines.. But I think the deal was not that attractive after all, so we decided to just leave and when for dinner instead.

And because it was our 59th monthsary, I get to choose what to have for dinner! So final decision was to Jack’s Place to have steak!

We both have the Lobster Bisque and it was good!

Switched escargot to this mushroom thingy but it wasn’t very nice.

The steaks are good!

Nice and satisfying dinner!

Happy 59th!


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