5th Anniversary @ Singapore Zoo

July 9, 2012

OOTD snapshots..

Our 60th months together.. ♥

Was thinking of where we should go on our anniversary as I wanted to do something different than the usual dining and movie.. Was considering between going to USS or to the zoo, and ended up choosing the latter because USS on a weekend is just not fun! Haa..

Changed two buses to get to our destination!

Perhaps is not the smartest idea to come to the zoo on a Saturday too.. Because the place was crowded with lots of families (children in particular) and company coming in for event.

NTUC card members get 30% off admission tickets! As such, we only paid S$28 for two.

Our getting our tickets, we went for an early lunch at KFC right outside the entrance. And by the time we’re done with our meal, it started raining heavily outside πŸ™ Still, we decided to proceed in and ended up getting an umbrella from the gift shop.

Panda attack!

Spotted these cute pandees..

Spider Monkey

They hold on to one another while walking!

White Rhinoceros + Eland (at the back)



Zebra’s stripes are so pretty..





Naked Mole Rat

Moving on to Rainforest Kidzworld..

Horse carriage ride at S$6 / person

At Ah Meng Memorial

Then we’re off for lunch! Settled in at Ah Meng Restaurant..


It was so funny when we saw a penguin slip and fall.. Hahaha..

Sun bear..

Made a last stop at the gift shop right over at the entrance before we left the zoo at around 5pm. We only managed to catch part of the Elephant At Work & Play Show for this outing.. Initially wanted to stay for the Splash Safari Show at 5pm, but we’re both tired after a day of walking 😐

Leaving zoo, we took the bus down to Causeway Point for some shopping, food and dinner πŸ™‚

Trying on a mint crochet dress..

They’ve it in four colours: black, blue, mint and white. Was deciding between black or mint, but go with the latter because bf said I’ve too many black dresses.. Mint is something different, plus it reminds me of summer!

Actually you know what; I think the one in blue look nice too.

Happy 5th Anni ♥

Quick dinner at Empire State before we went for our movie at 7:30pm.

Ordered a pepperoni and cheese pizza to share πŸ™‚ (Take a look at that huge pizza!) It’s a little too oily for my liking though..

After dinner was time for movie. Caught the Vampire Hunter because we have watched almost every other shows that were available.. The whole film wasn’t extremely nice but it was not too bad. Whole movie lasted for slightly less than 2 hours?

Had a really interesting and tired day.. Too much walking! Haa..

Happy 60th Months my love!

Thanks for bringing so much laughter into my life.

We said we’re getting married when we reached 99th Months.. That is 3 years + 3 months later.. On Oct 7, 2015!


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