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June 16, 2012

Went to Traders Hotel for buffet dinner on Monday night with the family!

Traders Hotel is in fact the venue that my sis will be holding her wedding banquet at, so apart from trying out their buffet dinner, my sis also wanted to show us how the ballroom look like since none of us was there when she booked the banquet.

Dad driving <3

We reached there at around 7pm with a reservation.

My first plate of food!

No photos for the subsequent plates as I’m too busy eating and my plates were all in a mess.

Grill prawns!

Overall, for the price that we paid (Is S$66/pax, but there was a 1-for-1 promo on weekdays for selected credit cards) I think it was pretty worth it.

Food selections include: chinese dishes, laksa, satay, roasted duck / pork, cold prawn / crabs, salmon sashimi, sushi, salad, dessert, etc. Though there weren’t a lot of choices available, I believe they are definitely enough to fill your tummy. I stuffed mine with sashimi, satay, prawns and desserts! 🙂

Then after our meals, we went upstairs to have a quick look at the ballroom before heading off..

Looking forward to my sis wedding on coming January! I think it’ll be pretty fun.. With all the preparations, wedding gowns, photo shoots, etc to be busy with!

And even though I won’t be one of her “sisters”, I will probably be busy at the recept area on the wedding banquet (you know collecting red packets, allocate seats, all that stuff!) and taking tons of photos!

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