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January 3, 2012

I know I’m a little late.. When people had all done their final blog entry for year 2011, rounding up all the things that happened for the past year, planning and writing down their new year resolutions, etc.

But excuse me, because work + laziness had get on to me and I’m only able to draft up this post on the 4th of January 2012.

Anyway, I know I have to do up a post to sum up the wonderful 2011! Don’t you think the past year had been pretty amazing? With so many new things + changes around us. So if you’re interested, let me bring you through my year 2011..


That was my last present of 2010! [ 1st January ]


Fooling around [ 8th January ]



Went for my first ever concert and it was for Taylor Swift! [ 9th February ]


Valentine’s Day [ 14th February ]


Universal Studios Singapore [ 24th February ]



Sakinah’s Birthday Chalet [ 3rd March ]


Dentist Visit [ 26th March ]



Jeff & Vanessa’s Wedding [ 2nd April ]


DIY birthday cake for the first time..


Bf Birthday [ 7th April ]





All ready for holidays / Passport Collection [ 19th May ]



Flying off to Bali! [ 24th May ]



[ 6th Jun ]
Went for our first flea at Marina Boulevard [ 25th Jun ]



Celebrating 4th Anniversary at Asian Civilisation Museum [ 7th July ]


First flea at SCAPE [ 9th July ]



Kite Flying at Marina Barrage [ 5th August ]


<3 [ 22nd August ]


Flea at Hwa Chong Institution [ 25th August ]



Mimi’s Wedding [ 11th September ]
Party in the Park [ 14th September ]


Flea at Singapore Discovery Centre [ 17th September ]


Farewell dinner [ 17th September ]


Sending Novie off.. [ 20th September ]


Last day at work (FGM) [ 22nd September ]



Flea at NTU [ 21st October ]


Lunch with Darlings [ 26th October ]



Halloween 2011 [ 2nd November ]


Joycelyn’s 21st Birthday [ 4th November ]


Mummy’s Birthday / Stayover at MBS [ 7th November ]


Turning 22! [ 9th November ]


with Gurlaine [ 10th November ]



[ 3rd December ]


Movie Marathon at Singapore Discovery Centre [ 5th December ]



[ 22nd December ]



[ 31st December ]

Looking through all the photos bring back so much memories..

I believe the most major event that happened to me in year 2011 is none other than quitting my job in Universal Studios Singapore and turning flea markets as my full time job. To be frank, there are so many time when I look back and think of my decision. Thinking whether I have made the right choice by choosing to leave, and how it will be like if I’ll to continue working at there.

But no matter what, up to this moment, I know I never regret. I believe it was the right choice to make. And looking at myself at this very moment, there wasn’t much to complaint about.

Moving forward, I just hope for the very best for whatever year 2012 will bring. And I’ve a strong feeling that 2012 will definitely be a much better year!


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