Valentine’s Day 2012

February 15, 2012

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day! As this year Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday and the boy was having his attachment, we can only spent half of the day together. So, it was just a simple dinner at Swensen’s, IMM.

Surprisingly, Swensen’s did serve nice food that day despite the crowd (though the steak the Boyfriend had was a little too salty).

Done with dinner and we went for a little shopping at Watsons and I got myself another Revlon lip butter.

I love the lip butter! Have been using them whenever I went out lately.. They’re so moisturizing and provide such a nice sheen on the lips! Now, I have 5 different colours to switch around!

So that’s about it. My Valentine’s Day 2012. Our 5th Valentine’s together!

Love you, silly boy! And your present too!

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