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March 2013


Disney On Ice Presents Princesses & Heroes

Thanks to the boyfriend who surprised me with the tickets last month, I was out earlier this morning to catch the Disney On Ice show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! He actually got us tickets for the morning show which was playing at 10am..…

March 16, 2013

Singapore’s Largest Balloon Landscape

Went out earlier this afternoon to meet up with the boyfriend.. His classes actually ends at 12:30pm and it was nice for him to offer to accompany me down to City Hall to settle some of my work stuff (Yes, I’m going to start…

March 15, 2013

Aloha Ma Maison

Sunday date with the Boyfriend where we went to Aloha Ma Maison for lunch! It was our third visits there.. Remember the first time was during my birthday last year and then there was a second time when we went back for their pancakes.…

March 12, 2013

Haw Par Villa

Spent our Saturday by making a trip down to Haw Par Villa! I believe it must have been a good eighteen or twenty years since I last stepped into that place. I remember my dad and mum used to bring my elder sister and…

March 11, 2013

Incanto @ Resort World Sentosa

Finally went to catch Incanto at Resort World Sentosa with the family on Saturday. If you had read my previous blog post, you would have heard me saying that my boyfriend managed to get us tickets for the show at a discounted price. Original…

March 4, 2013