2013 Bali – Day 4 (Waterbom / Legian)

January 29, 2013

Day 4 was probably our most exciting day for this trip because we managed to conquer Waterbom Bali!

Breakfast at 10am at the hotel:

I always asked to have their egg omelette every morning when I was there. Probably the best dish I’ve enjoyed apart from the cream pasta on Day 2.

Took some photos around the pool after we’re done with our breakfast..

The room that we’re staying at the second floor..
(There’re 5-storey – ground to fourth floor)


Went back upstairs to grab our belongings before we walked down to Waterbom Bali, which is located just right opposite to Discovery Mall. Merely five minutes’ walk away from our hotel 🙂

Located at the heart of Kuta, Waterbom Bali is said to be the best water theme park in Bali with more than twenty(?) slides in the park. So excited to be going there since this was the only attraction that we planned on going for our trip! (As compared to going to places like Uluwatu Temple, GWK Statue, Dreamland Beach, Jimbaran Beach during the previous time we came to Bali.)

Waterbom also uses this thing called the “Splash Band”.. Which is basically a form of cashless payment system used in the park. Users simply pay a deposit (5k) and load their preferred amount into the wrist band and scan it for every transaction made in the park. In this way they don’t even have to worry about carrying any cash while going for the rides, nor do they have to go back and forth to the lockers to get their money.

Tickets for each adult are priced at US$31 and there is also a two day pass (valid within a one week period) which is priced at US$50. Since the prices are stated in US dollar and not rupiah, we decided to pay it using credit card instead. And at the meantime while buying the tickets, they also offered us the splash band whereby we can also top up using the credit card.

Splash band and entry pass..
We only got one splash band to share among the two of us.


Then off we went to the park!


There are also top up counters available in the park for easier top up of our splash band..

Climax was the closest ride to the entrance and the very first ride that we saw! It’s 19 meters above the ground.. Where you basically stand at an upright position, and in a count of 3, the trap door right below you will open up and drop you vertically down the slide, make a loop, before you slide down again.

Look a little scary, but nonetheless, super thrilling!

The queue for this ride took about 30 minutes, which was the longest we have queued among all the others. He went for it once whereas I didn’t because it requires a minimum weight of 45kg. Didn’t even try to sneak in, as there was a weighting scale there and the staffs will weights you before letting you go up the stairs.

Bf said the reason why they require a certain weight is because they need to ensure that there will be enough force to push you up the loop successfully.

The second attraction that we been to were Superbowl and Boomerang.. Which was located just side by side.

Superbowl is the one in ‘orange’ whereby after you slide through the tunnel; you will be going round and round in the bowl, before finally coming to a stop and slide down through a hole and into the pool.

As for Boomerang, after going through the tunnel, you will be pushed all the way up to a wall, before dropping backward down. I personally felt it was yet another very thrilling ride, especially since one moment you’re being pushed all the way up so high and the next moment you’re dropping equally fast backward down.

After doing a quick tour around the park, we decided to find ourselves a locker to leave our belongings, before we start going around for the different attractions.

There were two types of lockers available; either a regular locker (at 25k) or a family locker (at 35k), and we went for the regular locker since we only have a bag with us.

A 30k deposit was required for every rental of the locker, and upon paying for it; we were given a red wrist band. The whole concept was the same – There was no key given, so we just have to scan the wrist band on to our locker to have the locker locked / unlocked.

They even have towels available for renting, and soaps for sale, just in case you didn’t bring and need any of those.

After having our belongings safely secured in a locker, we began going around for the attractions!

Apart from the three slides that I mentioned above, we also tried Smash Down, Macaroni, Jungle Ride, Boogie Ride, Raft River and Race Track.

Among these six, the most exciting one for me was probably Race Track. The speed was so much that I almost got choke by the water when I landed.

The least scary one was probably Boogie Ride. It was the one whereby you get to lie down on a rubber mat and go head-down.. There were two parallel lanes; hence I was able to go side by side with bf. The only thing is you have to push your legs a little in order to push yourselves down the slide, and my legs were too short that I’ve to push twice before I managed to push myself down. As a result, bf always ended up reaching first instead of me.

Smash Down was the one whereby you slide almost vertically down an 8-storey slide at a 60-degree angle! Somehow I found this to be not as scary as what I thought it would be. The speed was so fast that it takes only 4.5 to 5 seconds for you to reach from the top to the bottom.

He’s so excited when he spotted grilled sweet corn!


Funtastic pool for kids


I can never understand why he’s always that happy when it comes to water..


The rubber mats that were used for Boogie Ride..


(from left to right:) Smash Down / Boogie Ride / Race Track


We stayed from around 12 noon till around 4:30pm.. In addition to all the slides that we been to, we also went for a 30 minutes foot massage at one of the kiosks available in the park. Price for a 30 minutes massage was 95k (S$12) per person.

I realized the park started to become less crowded at around 4pm onwards.. And apart from Climax, which we queued for around 30 minutes, the other slides didn’t take us too long to queue.. Probably because we went on a weekday and the entire park wasn’t that crowded?

With the mascot of Waterbom..


And just right before we left, we decided to take-away two grilled corns back to the hotel. We already tried one and although the taste was slightly different, the corn was still sweet and crunchy. Hence, we decided to pack two of it back, one butter corn and one spicy corn..

Waterbom Bali
Jl. Kartika PO BOX 1055
Tuban 80361
Kuta – Bali – Indonesia
Opening Hours: Daily from 9am – 6pm
Rates: (adult) US$31 / US$50 (single day / two day pass)
Locker: 25k / 35k rupiah (+ 30k deposit)

That’s Discovery Mall located directly opposite..


Enjoying our sweet corns back at the balcony of our hotel..

Then at around 7pm, we decided to head down to Kuta Square for dinner again and later walked over to Legian..

While walking down to Kuta Square, we passed the Art Market once again and saw the person doing some final touch-ups for our sketching. Hence, we decided to collect it later when we’re on our way back.

It was McDonald’s for our dinner, after having tried A&W, KFC and Burger King!

Fried chicken with rice and scrambled eggs..
Doesn’t really look that appealing. Haa.


Done with dinner, we decided to walk over to Legian area.

The fact that Legian is only one to two streets away from Kuta, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to go there on our last Bali trip. Hence we made it a point to go there this time round.

Surfer Girl in Legian..


Decided to pop in to Surfer Girl to get something for myself..


We spent around two hours walking around Legian. Legian is the place where you can find a busy nightlife, with a number of pubs on one of the streets. For shopping wise, there wasn’t much. The shops there mainly sell the same types of things / souvenirs.

Then while we were walking back to Kuta, we were being approached by a number of people trying to sell us “Magic Mushroom”. I’ve not heard nor having any idea what it is about but the name Magic Mushroom just doesn’t sound right. (Ended up doing a search online and found out that Magic Mushroom was some type of drug – in a mushroom form. Haa.) It seems to be pretty common (and legal?) in Kuta / Legian, since we’re being approached so openly on the streets.

Anyway, back to Kuta, we decided to stop by KFC because I wanted to get their Hazelnut Coffee. Hazelnut Coffee sound like my cup of tea so I decided to get the “hazelnut coffee + chocolate donut” combo, which was only 11k (inclusive of tax). Then, I also went to get a burger to go with my coffee, which was at 14k.

Bf on the other hand, decided to get McDonald’s instead.. So glad that he decided to get something for himself because my burger was so small and I didn’t want to share it with him! Haa.

Then, we walked over to the Art Market again to collect our caricature sketching..

Hello there. Mr Jackie Chan. I’m a big fan of your movies!

The person was still working on them when we reached, so we decided to go around the Art Market while waiting for him to be done. It took him another 20 minutes more, before we finally collected and paid for the remaining amount for the paintings.

Back at the hotel:

Sis & Ben (original photo here)


My Dad & Mom (original photo here)


Us (original photo here)


Bf’s Dad & Mom


Vanessa & Jeff


So sad because I think I’m the least look-alike among all the ten people! I was very much looking forward for the final result of the sketching, only to find myself not looking like what I’ve expected 🙁 If only it wasn’t our last night in Bali, I would have gone back again to let him drew another photo of us!

Both of us agreed that among all, my Dad was the most look-alike to the original photo. (The person was able to capture his eyes so well!) Even though I felt that overall, the sketching for bf’s family were all nicely done and looked somehow similar to the original photos.

Bf loves the way his hair was being drawn..

I personally felt that the person was able to draw guys much better as compared to ladies. All the guys look so much more alike to their original photos, as opposed to ladies.

Anyway, if you’re interested to have the same caricature sketching, you can look for the guy at Wake Bali Art Market in Kuta. The price is 100, 000 rupiah per person and he will have the sketching done on a drawing paper (or even canvas, mug or t-shirt).

I Wayan Tama

Ending this post with my dinner that night from KFC. Cute paper cup they have there!



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