2013 Bangkok Day 3: Chatuchak Weekend Market | Asiatique Riverfront

November 11, 2013

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Day 3 was yet another full day out; with us going to Chatuchak Weekend Market in the morning / early afternoon and Asiatique Riverfront at night.

We started our day at around 10am that morning and the first stop we went was to one of the tailor shops located at level 3 of our hotel.

The Boyfriend actually came to Bangkok with the intention of doing some tailored shirts and pants, and it just so happened that I get to know that there are actually a handful of tailor shops within the premises of our hotel. After some research online, he found out that among the four / five tailor shops within our hotel, there were two that particular stand out and Alex Fashion was one of them.

This was actually his (our) first time going to the tailor and the process of tailoring actually goes like this:
(Based on what I observed)

– First, we were given a list to look at whereby on it states the types of package that they offer (how many shirts / pants) and the price in Singapore dollars. I like the fact that they have the price printed out in black and white so we can somehow be certain that they won’t anyhow ask for a price or overcharge us?

– Once we picked out the preferred package (in our case, he decided to go with four shirts and one pants), we were then asked to look and pick out the fabrics that we preferred. Honestly, they carry so many types of fabrics that we didn’t even know where to start. I supposed it will be way easier if you know exactly what types of fabrics you preferred, e.g. crease-free, Egyptian cotton, etc. Not in our case, hence we actually took quite awhile in the selection process. The tips I’ve here will be to select the colour first so that you can narrow down the selections. If you still can’t make up your mind then I guess the last resort will be to ask for recommendations.

– Once we settled on the fabrics, the next step was to decide on the details on the shirts. The person will ask you questions like if you want pockets on the shirts, how you like the sleeves to be (buttoned / cuff links), colours of the threading, fabrics on the inner collar of the shirts, etc.. Is all down to the small details!

– And once that was settled, we can then proceed to take down the measurements.

Since there was nothing that I can help, I just sat down at one corner and see how it was being done. Haa.

And eventually, when all of these were done, we then paid a deposit and were told to be back later that day to do a fitting.

If you’re wondering, my boyfriend paid S$204 for a total of four shirts and one pants.

* They charge additional price for fabrics at the inner collar of the shirts.

** They allow customers to pay in various currencies (THB, SGD or USD). We chose to pay the full amount in Singapore dollars.

Leaving our hotel, we then began our walk to the nearest BTS station, which in our case was “Chit Lom” Station.

Passed by Central World along our way..

Here’s how their ticket vending machine look like.

Prior to paying for the tickets, the first thing was to check how much it costs to travel to our destination. We were going to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market, which in this case was “Mo Chit” Station and according to the price list (refer to picture below), the amount to pay was THB42 (per ticket).

While on the journey to our destination..

Pony t-shirt that I got from Pratunam Market the day before (THB80!).

Arrived at “Mo Chit” Station.. Looked out from the station and this was what we saw.

Time for some serious shopping and do some damage to the wallets!

As we had yet to have our breakfast, it was time for street foods again. While the Boyfriend decided to get the sausage wrap (above), I couldn’t resist and got myself some fresh cut mangos (only THB20)!

We followed the crowd and eventually find our way to enter Chatuchak via gate 2.


There’s always room for more food..

And I eventually managed to find the stall that sell “noodle soup with chicken” inside Chatuchak!

I didn’t take down the exact location of the stall but it was along the main street from Chatuchak Gate 2 to Gate 3. They’ve bright red banner outside the stall so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot it.

OMG! I finally found something that I thought was worth recommending!

As you know, the wanton mee that we had from Pratunam the day before was a total disappointment to me (us) but this noodle on the other hand, was so good that I will highly recommend anyone to try it when they come to Chatuchak!

The herbal soup was so flavourful and the chicken was so, so tender and soft. The noodle (kuey teow / ricecake strips) also goes perfectly with the soup! Damn, I want a bowl of it so badly right now!

Even the Boyfriend said it was nice! (He probably forgets it, but I clearly remember him saying it was nice!)

And similar to the wanton mee, this was only THB50 per bowl. So affordable! We had a bowl each and together with a glass of coke, we only paid THB120!

Here’s a picture taken from the outside of the stall for your reference! I’m definitely going to add this into my “must-eat” list the next time I’m in Chatuchak! Just so you know, I’ll pick this any time over the wanton mee or the famous coconut ice cream from Chatuchak!

At last, we found our way to Gate 3 and got ourselves a copy of the map of Chatuchak from the information counter.

Passed by this dessert stall and I remember reading about this particular dessert (known as “red rubies” / “tub tim krob”) online. Decided to get ourselves a bowl to share.. I believe it was THB30 per bowl?

I found it to be a little too sweet for my liking but the Boyfriend seems to like it a lot.

More window shopping..

According to the map and what I read online, it was stated that there was an entire section assigned for pets? I don’t think we managed to find or pass by that section? But we did however pass by one tiny shop that sells little doggies.

And to be honest, they just look plain “sick” to me!

I don’t know how to explain it but I just think the doggies look way too unhealthy (based on the way I observed how they sleep with the strong fan blowing at them). I mean as a dog owner, both of my dogs can never sleep so soundly when there were strong wind blowing directly at their face nor can they sleep when people are looking / talking so closely to them.

It makes me wonder how or why do the doggies appear to be in this way? I just don’t understand and I simply can’t make myself to stand there and watch.

Entered this shop that sell pretty acrylic pictures..

And after passing by twice, it finally hits me that this was the “authentic” coconut ice cream shop that everyone was talking about when it comes to having coconut ice cream in Chatuchak!

I remember seeing picture online and the tents were blue in colour and not brown? That was why I couldn’t be sure that this was the shop that I was searching for.

Various toppings that you can choose to add to your ice cream and I ended up with peanuts and nata de coco.

It was nice to have ice cream in the hot weather but I don’t think this ice cream is worth all the hype? We actually got to try better ones the following day when we went Chinatown.

Anyway, after walking along the main streets, we thought the weather was getting a little unbearable hence we decided to walk into the lanes (inside the section)..

And out into the main streets again..

I can only imagine how hot it’s for the person inside the mascot.

And right before we left Chatuchak, we made a turn back to the shop that we went in previously as the Boyfriend wanted to get some of the pictures as souvenir.

I actually thought it will be nice if we hang three superheroes pictures on the wall? We almost wanted to get three of them but we eventually decided to give it a pass; because two of them had the face of the actors starring Iron Man and Captain America while the Batman was a comic version.. Hence we thought it look a little odd to form them together.

We eventually left Chatuchak at around 4:30pm. Couldn’t stay longer since we had to rush back to the tailor for the fitting of the shirt and pants.

It was actually our first time going to Chatuchak and overall, it was a rather pleasant experience. We were rather thankful that the weather was still bearable (you can always choose to walk into the lanes when it gets too hot on the main streets) and the place wasn’t too overly crowded. We also managed to score a number of good deals like shorts, bikinis and bags at a price that we were certain we couldn’t have got it from anywhere else.

Time Check: 5:30pm

Back at the hotel to unload our stuff before rushing down to the tailor. I think it was that day when we bumped into @ladyironchef and @melodyyap. Apparently they also went to the same tailor shop that we did.

It was around 7:30pm when we decided to head out again..

Was doing our research online and our initial plan was supposed to head to Kao San Night Market. But after boarding the taxi, the driver actually proposed for us to head to Asiatique Riverfront instead. According to him, there was some kind of Thai festival / celebration going on that night and the traffic leading to Kao San was predicted (by him) to be very bad.

Since Asiatique was a place on my “to-go” list, we thought why not just go for that and have it strike off our list.

We ended up paying a flat rate of THB300 to travel from our hotel to Asiatique Riverfront.

It was around 8:30pm when we finally arrived at our destination..

One of the main highlights at Asiatigue is probably the Ferris wheel..

Apparently, it was also the highest Ferris wheel in Thailand.

After some shopping, we thought it was time to stop down and find a place for dinner. I don’t think we’ve much selection (at least that was how we felt) and we ended up picking The Pizza Company as I recall seeing one outlet in MBK Mall the day before.

We both decided that we preferred pasta over pizza, so we ended up ordering two different pasta and two sides.

The Boyfriend’s “ham & mushroom pasta”


And “shrimp pasta” for me.


Overall, the food was quite okay and the price was also rather reasonable. THB605 = approx S$24+.

Time Check: 11pm

And finally, the last shop we went into was this shop that sells various framed pictures.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m particularly fond of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn’s pictures. My sister and Boyfriend sure know about this. So when we happened to walk pass this shop, I just had to stop down to look at the pictures.

I was truly surprised when we asked for the price of the painting. Honestly, looking at the quality and size of the pictures, the price that the seller quoted was a lot lesser than what I (we) would have expect.

And so, after further bargaining with the seller, I eventually left the place with a Marilyn Monroe picture! It was only THB800 for this and I just can’t say no to it even if it posts a challenge as to how I’m going to carry it back to Singapore. Our mindset was to just buy it first and worry about it later. Haa. Thankfully, it was not heavy..

Anyway, this was probably my best purchase made throughout the entire trip!

Thumb up for the seller who took the extra effort to wrap up the frame properly, nicely and carefully for us. We really appreciate that a lot!

And because it took quite awhile for the seller to wrap up the frame, we eventually have to rush to catch the last boat out from Asiatique. I believe the last boat actually leaves at 11:15pm – 11:30pm, and if you missed it, then the alternative way out will be to take a taxi. But given that we came in by taxi, we really want to experience taking their boat ride.. And lucky for us, we were just in time to board the last boat.

Even though the Boyfriend was the one who said he wants to experience how is it like taking the boat in Thailand, he ended up telling me how he hates that the staff kept getting people onto the boat when the boat was obviously very cramped.

Well, I guess it’s probably also because it was the last boat out so it was expected that they like to get as many people on board as possible?

Anyway, it didn’t take long before the boat brought us all back to Sathorn Pier. From there, we just continued walking straight and eventually found our way to “Saphan Thaksin” BTS Station. We then took the train back to “Chit Lom” station and eventually walked back to our hotel from there.

I remembered it being around midnight when we exited “Chit Lom” Station and I guess it took us an additional 15 to 20 minutes to walk back to the hotel?

I was so tired when I was finally back at the hotel that I couldn’t even bother to unpack and take pictures of my purchase.


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