24th Birthday

December 16, 2013

A quick recap of my 24th birthday celebration which took place more than a month ago..

The day started with me meeting the Boyfriend at around noon and heading down to town to have our brunch.

Can I just say I was really looking forward for my first visit to Wild Honey located at Scotts Square?

We opted for two sets of their full-day breakfast together with two cups of coffee.. The food was nice and satisfying.

Totally ready to kick start a full day of shopping right after that!

After approximately two hours of shopping, we found our way to Paragon and decided to stop down to have some desserts.

Some pictures of my Pandora because I was really excited that the bracelet that I’ve been constantly wearing is officially one-year old!

Got this as a birthday present from the Boyfriend a year ago and in the spread of one year time I’ve almost filled up my entire bracelet. It was definitely way faster than what I would have thought.

And believe me when I said I remember exactly for what reasons / occasions each charms were meant for.

Leaving Paragon, the Boyfriend brought me over to Harbour Front and that’s when he gave me one of the prettiest bouquets that I’ve ever received thus far.

I said “prettiest” because often, is either 1) the flowers came in a wrong shade or 2) the wrappings came mismatch. So it was consider rare to receive a bouquet that I really love.

We already made plans to go for a cable car ride up to Mount Faber that day but this guy secretly calls to order a bouquet for me from Vivo City and went to collect it right before we went to take our cable car.

Needless to say, I was really happy.

And off we go to take our cable car!

It was actually my first time going up to Mount Faber..

Right after snapping this picture, I told him he looks as if he’s going to propose to me right there. Haa.

We left shortly after because there was basically nothing much up there at Mount Faber. We were contemplating if we should dine at one of the restaurant but later thought that it will be better to dine elsewhere. The view wasn’t really fantastic anyway.

In the end, we decided to head back to Orchard to have our dinner.

As it was Saturday night, almost every restaurant in ION Orchard was having queues. We eventually decided to stop walking around and took a queue number at a Japanese restaurant. Took us almost half an hour (if not more) to finally get ourselves a table.

Food was nothing fantastic.

But a little drama happened while we were paying for our bill. And the story goes like this:

The Boyfriend asked me to use one of my credit cards to pay for the meal because it was a new card that I’ve just received that week and he wanted me to test if it works. So I gave my card when the bill came and when the lady returned with the receipts for signatures, I signal to her that I was going to sign it.

I’m not sure if she didn’t see me, but she was standing next to my Boyfriend and passing him the bill. So I told her that’s my card and I’m the one going to sign it. It’ll be okay if she will to just pass me the bill and left after that.. But instead, she turned to me with the bill and said, “Oh, I thought it’s always the guy who is paying the bill.”

I mean, it sounds nothing wrong.. But all I can think of is how embarrassing it’ll be for the guy if say the girlfriend is paying for the meal. So naturally I got a little defensive and replied “Oh, is the same.. It’s his card anyway so he’s going to be the one paying for the bill at the end of the month.”

I just think it’s wrong to assume who should be the one paying.

Anyway, it was around 9pm after our meal, and the Boyfriend suggests going over to Pandora to get me a new charm for my birthday 😀

And so, we did. Went over and picked a new charm for myself before rushing back home. My family actually got me a birthday cake this year and that makes me just wants to go back early to cut my birthday cake!

And because I couldn’t decide on what I want for my birthday present this year, the Boyfriend decided to bring me out to town again on the following day to pick up my present.

But before all the crazy shopping, we decided to go for lunch first at Swensens..

Thereafter, it was another full day of shopping.. And eventually, this is what I got for my birthday this year..

Three perfume from Victoria’s Secret that also comes with a Secret Reward card. The card is meant to be used between Dec 1 to 26, and the value inside the card range from S$5 to S$100. The only way to find out how much value is stored in the card is to make a purchase at any of the VS store.

A new London Cab Charm for my bracelet.

And favourite item among all the gifts had to be this new wallet that I picked out from Tory Burch.

We seriously went into so many boutiques, from Prada to Miu Miu to MBMJ to Kate Spade, but I still prefer this black one from Tory Burch. Love the size of it and the fact that it’s actually a smartphone wristlet. Previously my Note II appear to be too bulky to fit into the wallet so now I’m just so glad that my iPhone could fit into it nicely.

Thank you mr. Boyfriend for all the gifts that you’ve given me this year. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up a super expensive wallet 😐 Maybe next year I will.


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