66th / Costa Sands Resort

January 13, 2013

Celebrated our 66th Monthsary at Sentosa!

That’s a whopping five and a half year. Sometime it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in this relationship. It’s hard to believe the love he had for me can bring us through this far and I believe for the many, many years ahead.

We met up at around 12 plus / 1pm that day and travelled down to Harbour Front to have Subway for lunch.

My favourite cold cut sandwich. I usually love to have mine pair with lettuce, cucumber and honey mustard sauce.

After lunch, we went to the supermarket to get some food before taking the monorail in to Sentosa. Alighted at Beach Station and from there, we took the beach tram.

We were going to look for the Costa Sands Resort and according to the misleading map; we were suppose to alight at the third stops.

Unfortunately after alighting at the third stops, we realized that the nearest entrance to the resort was actually located near to the second stops instead. As a result, we had to walk back down after alighting from the tram.

And again, by some mistakes, we thought that the entrance was closed and as a result, we ended up walking an entire round to the main entrance.

The room at Costa Sands Resort was simple but kind of dusty at certain area.

Bought cup noodles to settle for our lunch.

Then at night, we walked back down towards the Beach Station to look for McDonald’s.

Took photos using self-timer.

Perry Polka Black Top from Maryjulian
Black Sequins Shorts from The Closet Lover

I love my Polka Dots top. Worn it twice so far and I’m thinking of bringing it for my trip to Bali. I love the cutting at the sleeves area as it somehow makes the arm look thinner.

Though the sequins shorts was not that comfortable to wear, it’s still very well loved because of my love for sparking things. Initially bought it in gold, but it came defective and as a result I had to return it and exchanged for the one in black. But because of that, I managed to switch from size M to size S. I’m able to wear size M for low waist and size S for normal waist.

More photos along the way back..

That’s what we do when the road is empty.

All that for our 66th months!


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