6th Anniversary (Au Chocolat Confiserie / Stewords Riverboat)

July 18, 2013

Finally doing up a proper blog post for today! 🙂 And today’s entry is basically going to be all about our 6th anniversary celebration which took place two Sundays ago..

Arranged to meet the boyf at 11am that morning and this guy was actually late for more than an hour and a half 🙁 We had already planned our itinerary for that day way before hand, and because of this, we’ve to cancel our initial plan of going to the ArtScience Museum. To be honest, I was a tad disappointed as I was really looking forward to going for the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition.

And I was nearly going to get angry when he finally showed up at my door.. But changed my mind the moment I saw him holding out a nice bouquet for me. (He actually got me a fake cloth rose the day before when he came to fetch me off work, so I wasn’t exactly expecting him to get me some real flowers.) And since he told me the reason for him being late was because the florist had gotten his flowers wrong and he had to get her to redo the whole bouquet.

Anyway, we still decided to head down to MBS nonetheless and eventually settled for desserts at Au Chocolat Confiserie.. which was not something we’ve planned. We was supposed to head to Wisma for Paris Baguette.. But we really didn’t have much time, before our movie at 4pm. So I guess we’ll keep Paris Baguette in the list of café we planned on going in the future.

I was pleasantly surprised that Au Chocolat wasn’t as crowded as what I would have thought on a Sunday afternoon..

We were really lucky to have met a nice lady who offered to take a picture (or two) for us. (Actually, I think we might have met not just one, but a few nice people that day.. Haa)

What we ordered:

We decided to go with a macaron, a tart and a cheesecake.

And our pick among the three desserts would definitely be the signature red velvet cheesecake. The cream cheese and the red velvet cake really complement each other very well and I really like that the taste wasn’t overly strong. The rose macaron that we got came with a lychee filling and even though it was nice, it was a little too sweet for us to finish up the entire piece. As for the chocolate tart, I personally thought it tastes just like the chocolate cupcake from Awfully Chocolate, so it wasn’t something that I would highly recommend.

A picture with my pink big macaron!

At least we got a pretty plastic cup to make up for the S$4.50 we paid for a can of coke.

We really can’t just leave the place without getting a memento.

They sell some really cute stuff, mainly with picture of their doggy mascot. Got myself a mug and a small cushion for the boyf.

What we do when we found a reflective glass..

Would really love to go back again and try out the rest of their desserts. They seriously have a really wide range of desserts to choose from.

After desserts, we made a quick stopover at Pandora, before heading outside to snap some pictures. Was really grateful for the perfect weather, until it started to rain around ten minutes later.

Half a dozen / Six roses to celebrate our sixth anniversary.

And there we met another nice lady who offered to help us snap two pictures, after the boyf offered to help her snap a picture for her family.

So windy ~

Can I just snap picture from this angle from now on? It makes me appear to have longer legs. Haa.

Forced him to take a picture with my bouquet and I believe this is the only one we took that day.

With the CBD area in the background.. Maybe soon he’ll start working in that area? Maybe.. Probably.. And very likely.

Went back inside after it started pouring heavily out there and once again, we met yet another kind soul who offered to help us take a picture.

Lucinda Floral Romper in Black from The Stage Walk
London Tweed Moto Jacket in Black from The Tinsel Rack
Bag from Pull & Bear

I just simply love my romper in disguise.

We left for movie shortly later and took a cab down to The Cathay. So thankful that he had bought and collected our movie tickets in advance. It even left us some time to go for a little shopping before the start of our movie. Went in to gramophone and got two Bruno Mars CDs for the boyf as his anniversary present.

Coming out from there, we decided to check out a redemption booth set up by The Cathay as a part of Youth Day celebration, and we managed to receive two goodies bags from them just by liking their facebook page. I thought it was funny that the lady at the booth actually asked if we were celebrating our anniversary.. And I actually said “It’s that obvious huh?” to her. Haa.

Anyway, we went to catch the movie White House Down that afternoon and to date, I think White House Down is probably one of the nicest movies I had watched this year. What’s more to ask for when a movie is jam-packed with actions and has a nice story plot! It’s probably still showing in the cinema, so definitely check it out if you’re a fan of action film.

Leaving the cinema, it was time for dinner. The boyf had been rather secretive the entire day when I asked about where we’ll be going that night. All he said was that we won’t be going to either of the restaurants that we planned on going. Ended up, I only realised that we were heading to Marina South Pier after we got on the cab.

It was around seven o’clock when we reached hence the sky was still bright..

And dinner for that night was actually on this riverboat (above). Definitely not something I would have thought of.

Located on the main deck of the Riverboat, Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill mainly serves “Americanize” Mexican food; ranging from appetizers, chips and dips, wraps and rolls, chicken entrees, baby back ribs, steaks, fajita grill, pasta and more.

Taking pictures while waiting for the food to be served!

First came the drinks..

That’s my mango smoothie with a cherry on top and the boyf’s tropical soda.

Then came our appetizers..

We were able to pick three items out of the list of appetizers available and we decided to go with Cheese Nachos, Chicken Chimichangas and Turkey Quesadillas. All three were equally yummy.. But if I could only pick one, I would definitely go with Chicken Chimichangas! Diced chicken, beans, vegetables and Jack cheese rolled in flour tortillas, then deep fried.

And here comes our mains:

We both got steaks and mine was the Tequila-Cheese Ribeye Steak, served with rosemary potatoes and grilled vegetables;

while his was the Mushroom Ribeye Steak, served with baked potato and grilled vegetables.

Overall, the steaks were good but I would have enjoyed it more if they have given me a more generous amount of cheese.

We would have ordered a dessert (heard that their brownie was good!).. But unfortunately, I started to get a bit sick halfway through my meal 🙁 The boat was getting a little bit shaky and that caused me to start feeling dizzy and slightly uncomfortable.

It was a pity that we couldn’t stay on longer.. But still, we decided to go one round around the upper deck (both second and third levels) before we actually got off from the riverboat.

It felt so much better to be back on concrete ground!

Nevertheless, it was really a very nice experience to dine on an actual (real) riverboat, and I even thought it was somehow romantic! Haa.

Anyway, coming down from the riverboat, we decided to head somewhere else for a last round of desserts before heading home. Travelling was in fact quite difficult since we were at such an isolated location, hence the only way out was to call for a cab.

Got on the cab and we decided to head back to MBS. Eventually settled our sweet tooth at Cold Rock for some waffles and ice cream..

Finally an occasion worth celebrate for and a new charm to add on to my bracelet! The latest addition: A slightly oxidized crown charm!

Went back home right after satisfying our sweet tooth.

It was such a long day out but I truly enjoyed every part of it. The best feeling was to go back home feeling loved and blessed with what I got.. Not just presents but also the people and the memories.

Thank you B! We’ve been through yet another milestone and I believe the 7th will only be better!


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