Cousin’s Wedding @ InterContinental Hotel

May 22, 2013

Went for my cousin’s wedding two Sundays ago (May 12th, 2013) at The InterContinental Hotel.

Unlike all the wedding banquets that I’ve been to so far, this was actually my first time attending a wedding lunch. Based on the invitation card, the cocktail reception will commence at 12 noon, followed by the actual banquet at 1pm.

As always, I’m thankful that we’ve my dad to drive us there. I believed we reached there probably at around 12:30pm?

Took some pictures with my youngest sister while we’re on our way there..

Perfect lightings in the car!

And while waiting at the lobby for my sister and Ben to join us, I’ve my sis to help me to snap just a few more pictures.

Outfit of the day was the Serenade Lace Dress in White from The Closet Lover, matched with a box bag from Topshop and a pair of cream heels.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to snap pictures around the hotel lobby. The place was really beautiful.

Since all of us were nicely dressed up, it was the perfect excuse to snap more photos. Haa. I’m also very pleased with the way my hair turned out that day. Made the effort to curl my hair that morning 🙂

After all the photo taking, we took the stairs up to the second floor where the ballroom was and there were already quite a number of guests at the reception area. It didn’t take us long to find my cousin (the bride) and her parents (my 小姑 and 姑丈), and after saying “Hi” to some of my relatives, I managed to sneak up to the front to take a few look at the photo albums. (Didn’t actually say “Hi” to the groom, as I’ve so far only seen him once previously at my sister’s wedding. But according to my mom, he’s a pilot! How cool is that!)

Anyway, back to the photo albums.. My cousin actually has two photo albums, whereby one was taken in Singapore and the other one was taken in Korea. Needless to say, the photos were all very nicely taken. For the one she took in Singapore, she actually went to Lalang field in Punggol, an open space near Hort Park, the food court (with retro settings) at Flyers, and at Sentosa.

Shortly later, it was time to get seated in the ballroom and the ballroom was really pretty. Just look at the huge chandeliers on the ceiling!

As my parents were being placed to sit at the VIP table, it was just my two sisters, Ben, two of my cousins and me at the table.

With just the six of us in one table, imagine how much food we had stuffed down by the time we’re done with the seven-course meal.

Gift for everyone at the wedding. A salt and pepper shaker.

And we also got a bottle of sticky candy for penning down our wishes in the guest book.

Here’s the instant photo that we took just awhile ago at the reception area being developed and given to us.

The banquet began shortly later, and below you’ll see all the mouth-watering pictures of the dishes served.

It was really funny, because my sis and I were busy snapping pictures every single time a new dish was served.. And eventually we had our cousin at the side telling the server “Sorry, we’re typical Singaporean.” (Have to snap a picture before we can start eating.)

Intercontinental’s Combination Platter
(Sliced smoked duck, spicy jelly fish, drunken sakura chicken, california maki roll and charcoal roasted pork belly)

Double Boiled Consommé of Sea Treasures
(Abalone, dry scallop, sea cucumber and chicken cubes)
Probably my favourite dish among the rest! The soup was really flavourful and with the baby abalone, dry scallop and chicken cubes, divine!

Stir Fried Scallop and Prawn with Broccoli

And we received our second instant prints of the day.

We then took a break for the popping / pouring of champagne from the newly-wedded couple, before we continued on with our fourth dishes.

And perhaps due to the number of peoples at our table, the server was there every single time to divide the food proportionally to us for all the dishes.

Crispy Chicken topped with Spicy Lime Sauce and Crispy Curry Leaves

Steamed Live Black Grouper in Traditional Hong Kong Style

Stewed Ee Fu Noodles with Crabmeat and Straw Mushroom

And lastly for the dessert, we’ve
Cream of Pumpkin served with Vanilla Ice Cream

It was my first time having ice cream served as the dessert during wedding banquet. I suppose the common ones are usually red bean / yam paste? Anyway, I love it! It felt so nice to have something cold and cooling after a heavy meal. And because there were three scoops of ice cream and the six of us, we each managed to get half a scoop of the vanilla ice cream.

And before we mark an end to the wedding banquet, it was group photo taking with the newly-wedded couple.

Once again, the photo was instantly developed to each and every one of us and it was even placed nicely in an envelope.

We eventually left the hotel at close to 4:30pm.

It was nice to have attended the wedding with my family. I’m glad that I decided to take off to come along with them. It was definitely a Sunday well spent.. Especially when you get to witness two people in love getting married in front of all their love ones.

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