Haul from Turkey & Dubai + Christmas Presents 2012

January 2, 2013

Finally getting down to blog about my Christmas presents this year (Had a hard time taking all the pictures :|)

This year, I’m really grateful to be receiving this much of presents, mainly thanks to the boyfriend who got me so much stuff while he’s away in Turkey & Dubai for 2 weeks.

Blogging about them definitely makes me feel even more thankful and blessed with the things and people around me.

First, I want to show you the juice glasses that I got because they’re really cute in my opinion. Turn the glasses over to find the 2 different expressions (a young looking guy / girl vs. a angry old man / lady).

I ordered them online from and was surprised to find them made of glass, instead of plastic.

Next, I have presents from my elder sister. The presents include a pair of bedroom slippers, a Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen Kit and a handwritten card. Because this year was the last Christmas she’s spending with us (in this house), she wrote each of us 3 sisters a card. I’m really touched while reading through the message that she wrote in them.

Next, are presents from Jing Yi. ♥ the gummy bear pen that she got for me.

Then finally, I’ve the 3 big bags of presents that bf got me!

♥ to the new X’mas themed Pandora charm that he got for me in Dubai! He passed by a Pandora store in The Mall of Emirates and decided to get me this “Christmas stocking silver charm”.

He probably knows my recent new obsession with my Pandora bracelet, because few days after he got me this, he got me another one as my last present of the year 🙂

One of the presents that I’m most looking forward to – the latest Taylor Swift’s Enchanted Wonderstruck perfume that he got for me at DFS.

Haa. This is the first item that he got for me on the day he leaves because he got this at the Changi Airport departure hall before heading to Dubai. Apparently the SA told him this is not available at the arrival hall, hence he bought it and brought it along on his whole trip. However I did saw them having this at the public area in Changi Airport. Nonetheless, we get to save on the 7% GST when he got it from inside (S$92 exclude tax).

Comparing the 2 perfume, Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck and Enchanted Wonderstruck, I think I still love the former one more. Maybe because I’m too familiar to that scent and not yet used to this new fragrance?

I might have a new opinion once I get to use it more frequently.

Then, I’ve this 4 miniature perfume set from Juicy Couture that he got at the arrival hall. It consisted of 4 fragrances – (from left to right) Juicy Couture Perfume, Viva La Juicy Perfume, Couture Couture Perfume and Viva La Juicy La Fleur de Toilette. Each bottle consists of 5ml of product.

From one of the (drugstore?) in Turkey, he managed to find some of theBalm products. I’m simply elated to have him getting me all these! There was a 30% off in the store at the time he got these but even if he had paid full price for them; they will still be cheaper as compared to getting them in Singapore.

Went to check out the prices at Sasa and apparently they are S$59.90 for the NUDE’tude palette, S$69.90 for the Rock Star Palette and S$45 for the Meet Matt(e) Palette.

Goodies from Victoria’s Secrets in Dubai – A new make-up pouch and a matching round mirror, a holiday eyeshadow trio in the shade “No More Drama”, a Minty Kiss Peppermint Lip Shimmer, a Sparkle Gloss Lip Shine and a Plump Pout Tinted Balm.

And then, there are stuffs from Bath & Body Works! He was telling me how lucky I should feel because he amazingly managed to go to the 2 countries that carry B&BW.

Found out that the PocketBac hand sanitizers are no way cheaper even when you get them from the B&BW store. They’re AED 15.00 each, which work out to around S$5 each.

He got me a pink cupcake PocketBac holder.

Limited Edition (Paris themed) Liplicious lip glosses set at AED 100.00.

He got me 3 small (88ml) fragrance mists – Paris Amour, Pink Chiffon & Sweet Pea. My sister said Sweet Pea smelled the nicest among the 3, but I personally think otherwise. Hence, I ended up giving Sweet Pea to my mom. I highly doubt I can finish all my perfume and fragrance mist any time soon.

The fragrance mists were buy-2-get-1 free, so work out to around S$20 for 3?

I wanted to try out their wallflowers so I asked him to get me a fragrance plug and 2 fragrance refills. Chose the Cranberry Pear Bellini and the Vanilla Bean Noel scent.

Then finally, I have the candles! It was ranked as my number 1 thing to get from B&BW! Ha ha. First is the Marshmallow Fireside small (1-wick) candle, which I believe was the only thing he got from Turkey. The rest of the stuff from B&BW was all from Dubai. Prices were slightly different between the 2 countries.

Love the Marshmallow Fireside scent. Because of the marshmallow, it smells slightly sweet, but just slightly (almost unnoticeable). I can mainly smell the fireside scent, which is amazing. I’m always wondering how someone can create and smell a “fireside”, but with this candle it truly does smell exactly like what the name suggested.

Then, I’ve 6 x 3-wick candles. They’re 14.5 oz / 411g each, so imagine how heavy they weight when multiply by 6. Each cost AED 90.00 (S$30) but thankfully they’re part of the buy-2-get-1 promo. Spent S$120 in Dubai and brought back 6 candles..

The first 2 are – Mahogany Teakwood, which everyone comment smells like an Abercrombie & Fitch store and Leaves, the highly raved B&BW candle on YouTube! I’ve really high expectation for the Leaves candle, but unfortunately it doesn’t smell as nice as what I would expect. I mean it doesn’t smell bad, none of the 7 candles smell bad, but it just wasn’t the first scent that I would pick up among the rest.

Next, I’ve Lemon Citron and Cranberry Pear Bellini. Both have really fresh scent..

Lemon Citron smells like fresh lemon (obviously). Cranberry Pear Bellini in contrast doesn’t have such a strong fresh scent and smells slightly sweeter.

The last 2 candles are Paris Amour and Frosted Cupcake.

One of the reasons why I got Paris Amour is because it has one of the nicest packaging among all the candles. Haa. But the scent itself does smell nice too, like a perfume scent. Another highly raved candle definitely has to be Frosted Cupcake. It smells like cake batter, with a sweet and warm vanilla scent to it. The scent is probably similar to Yankee Candle’s Vanilla Cupcake.

Got mugs and tumble from Starbucks! The first 2 are from Dubai and Istanbul respectively. I probably am going to get one from Bali Starbucks when I go back there.

2 more smaller mugs (tea cups) that he bought because he thought they’re cute.

Then, there is this tumble with a little snowman at the bottom. I remember either Coffee Bean or Starbucks have one with a polar bear last year which was really cute.

2 pretty Candle holder that he got in Turkey.

Cosmo December issue with Taylor Swift on the cover and a pen from Dubai.

2 small pouches from Turkey Istanbul.

Then, there are some blue-eye accessories. He got back quite a few blue-eye items like key chains, hand phone accessories, bracelet and necklace since blue-eye is so widely well-known in Turkey. After distributing it to the family, I’m left with 2 bracelets and a necklace. He said the necklace was specially bought back for me because he falls in love with it the moment he saw it.

Received numerous nail polishes in this trip!

Only the 2 from Barry M and the 1 from Sally Hansen were choose by me. All the rest were handpicked by him hence I was a little shock when I found so many nail polishes in the bag.

They’re all very pretty colours and I can’t wait to start painting my nails once I removed my gelish on my finger nails.

Then I’ve the highlight powder and blusher from Essence: the twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 2 collection. Wanted to get the nail polishes from the collection, but they weren’t available on the second time he went back to the store. Thus, he got me these 2 instead.

The “Renesmee Red” blush is probably my first red blusher in my make-up collection.

2 Golden Rose lip glosses which were once again handpicked by him. I never once own any lip gloss that is more sparkling than these.

Maybelline’s Illegal Length mascara that he got from Boot’s.

Therapy soaps from Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul and shower gel / shampoo from the brand L’Occitane. Those products from L’Occitane actually came in the hotel that he stayed in Dubai. I never know hotel actually provide such good products for their guest.

I’m going to use them soon and see if I like them enough to get the full size one from L’Occitane store.


3 boxes of baklava.. A box of mixed flavours, a box with pistachios and one with hazelnut.

Turkish Delight!

Together with a scarf, a knit top and a tee from Victoria’s Secrets, I think that’s about all the items I got from his trip!

Not sure how much he spent for all the items (or for his whole trip) and I only knew the prices for some of the items above because he had been very secretive in letting me know the prices.

Really blessed to be receiving so much love!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!




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    Hope you like it and use it… next christmas is a headache now! Haha

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    Yes, of course I'll use them. You know I already used quite a number of items in the whole pile.

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