Haw Par Villa

March 11, 2013

Spent our Saturday by making a trip down to Haw Par Villa!

I believe it must have been a good eighteen or twenty years since I last stepped into that place. I remember my dad and mum used to bring my elder sister and me there to take photographs when we were young. Gone were the days when I was still small enough to climb into and onto all the sculptures.

Anyway, we decided to revisit this place since the both of us haven’t been there in ages.

The circle line made it so convenient for us to get to the place. Make a right turn after you exit from the MRT station and you can immediately spot the entrance to Haw Par Villa.

Yeah to free admission! Apparently, they had started doing so since 1998.

Tonged my hair and worn an old maxi dress from Hollyhoque. Probably a bad idea to let down my hair because the weather was so hot in the afternoon.

I vaguely remembered which statues I used to take photographs with, but this was definitely one of them!

Fancy some photos comparison? Here’s one!

Pretty puzzled why the Statue of Liberty was found here.

It seems that the painting / sculpture was so real that a bird decided to rest on the tree branch. (The black bird was real!)


Another photo comparison.

Pretty sure my dad was the one that asked me to come up with this pose!

After looking and walking through most of the statues, we decided to leave Haw Par Villa to get a drink. The weather was so hot, and it was so tiring walking around all the slopes and stairs. There were various vending machines around, but we didn’t have any coins with us. Hence, we decided to cross over to the opposite road to get some drinks before continuing the second part of our tour.

Thankfully there were a Korean BBQ restaurant and a café located right opposite Haw Par Villa. We decided to go for the café.

And we also got dessert. A Fifth Ave Brownie (S$4.90) and a Oreo Cheesecake (S$4.90).

I really love that the café was really quite in the afternoon. Thus we were able to just sit there and waste the afternoon away. Haa. Actually, it was raining very heavily outside and as a result we couldn’t make our way back to Haw Par Villa. Decided we might as well sit there, have some desserts and play Candy Crush.

Once the rain got smaller, we decided to make our way back. We were contemplating if we should still go back, since we’re only left with the Ten Court of Hell that we haven’t seen yet. But we figured we’ll probably not be revisiting this place any time soon so we might as well just go and take a look since we’re already there.

Anyone remember this? And the boat ride that used to be one of the main attraction that people came to Haw Par Villa! If my memories didn’t fail me, I remembered we used to take the boat ride into the Ten Court of Hell, instead of walking in?

Unfortunately they had all been demolished.

The famous Ten Court of Hell.

Some of the sculptures in there were so gruesome that I don’t understand why they decided to build them in the first place. Won’t kids feel frightened when they look at it? Or perhaps that were what they’re trying to educate the kids, so that they won’t do all the bad things?

We finally left Haw Par Villa after walking through all (I hope) of the sculptures. It definitely does bring back a lot of memories of how our parents used to bring us there where we’re still kids.

I was really impressed that all the sculptures are still in such good conditions after all these years. A lot of effort must been put in to repaint and maintain all of them. And seeing how big the whole place is, no wonder they spent over a million dollar to build it!

Leaving Haw Par Villa, we decided to head over to Vivo City to catch a movie.

Got the 7pm show for Oz the Great and Powerful. And since we still have two hours or so, we went for lunch at Mos Burger.

The new mustard chicken burger!

And my fav chilli dog without onions.

Like most Disney films, Oz the Great and Powerful was a really nice show. I really like it even though the Boyfriend didn’t think too highly of it. Weirdo. Because he was the one who suggest going for the movie!

Went for a quick dinner right after that, before heading back home.

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