Sunday Breakfast @ Pastamania

April 14, 2013

I’ve finally made it a point to wake up early today (on my off day) to have breakfast with the boyfriend!

It seems like ages ago when we last sat down to have breakfast together. (If I’m not wrong, the last time we did that was probably when we were in Bali for holiday. And that’s January by the way.)

It was a headache when it comes to decide on what we like to have for breakfast. Eventually narrowed it down to Swensen’s and Pastamania, since they’re easily available nearby and we’ve yet to have the chance to try out their breakfast menu previously.

The final decision was to go for Pastamania, because this boy has been mentioning that name every time we were talking about breakfast.

Arranged to meet at 9 o’clock, but was later delayed to 9:45am, because well,  it’s always difficult to wake up early in the morning.

Looking at the menu, the boyfriend decided to go for their Dolce Toast (S$6.90), while I was contemplating to get both the Sunny Waffle (S$6.90) and Trio (S$3.90). Unfortunately, I was told during ordering that both of them weren’t available today, so I ended up have to make do with the Frittelle e Salsiccia (S$5.90).

Ordered the red orange juice (just to complete my meal), and it tastes terrible! Way too sour for my liking. Even though a glass of it was supposed to fulfil our daily vitamin C requirement, I would rather choose to have orange juice any time.

And while waiting for breakfast to be served, I just have to take pictures of my bracelet (plus a blur shot of my nails)!

If you can’t tell, I’m still very much obsessed with it!

Despite not having much customer, the food actually took much longer to prepare than we thought. I think we must have waited for at least a good fifteen to twenty minutes.

I actually do like the banana pancakes that I was having. The taste of it is just like the usual banana cake, but maybe just a tiny bit harder in texture.

Apart from the waffle potato which was crispy and soft, the rest of the foods were merely average.

The boyfriend actually took such amazing instagram picture using his iPhone, while mine just look terrible in comparison. I’m blaming it on my Note II!

Done with breakfast!

Despite not being able to finish both of my pancakes, I still insisted that we should go over to KFC and have their porridge. Haa. #greedy

So there we’re at KFC. Got only one porridge to share because we were already quite full from what we ate at Pastamania. Such a surprise because it doesn’t seem like we’ve ate a lot, but it kind of makes sense too since they’re mainly starchy food.

After finally getting done with our breakfast, we also made a quick trip up to Watsons because I’m seriously in need of some type of hair conditioner / masque. The condition of my hair is really getting very bad lately, so I’m on a mission to hunt down a new conditioner / masque to try to restore and moisturise my hair.

Ended up getting this one from John Frieda. Have heard about this brand before but I didn’t know that they were available in Watsons.

Crossing my fingers that this will work magic on my hair!

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