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October 24, 2014

Mid last month, the Boyfriend and I decided to make an impromptu visit to Batam for the weekends.

I love how close Batam (Indonesia) is to Singapore (only 20km apart?) and the ferry journey only took approximately one hour. So far we’ve been there twice, and the both times we went, we bought our ferry tickets through Batam Fast. Two return ferry tickets will cost slightly less than SGD100. Ferry tickets are pretty easy to book; we only booked ours on the night before our trip. I suppose if you don’t mind taking a later ferry, you can even book your tickets over at the counter on the day of your trip.

Because of the proximity, I suppose it makes Batam an ideal place to go if you’re looking at taking a short break away from the busy lives here. If your primary intention is to relax by the beach and listen to the sea waves, then I suppose you can stay in areas like Nongsa where you can find most of the holiday resorts.

For this trip, we didn’t make the plan to stay in Nongsa because I didn’t want to travel all the way down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. And since we will only be there for one night, we wanted to stay somewhere near to the shopping malls, so that it will be easier for us to get our food and shopping done. If you’re like us, then try to find a place that is near to Batam Centre. That’s where you can find Mega Mall, Nagoya Mall, etc. To get to Batam Centre, you can simply get a ferry from Harbour Front Centre.

We took an early ferry to Batam on Saturday morning and arrived at Batam Centre at around 10:00 (11:00 SG time). Mega Mall is basically located right opposite to the ferry terminal, so all we did were to cross over using the overhead bridge from the second level.

Since it was still early and most of the shops have yet to open, we decided to go for our breakfast at A&W.

Root beer float + curly fries

I miss having A&W so much! Every time I had it, it just brings back fond memories of how my mum used to take me to the outlet at Clementi many, many years ago.

Having settled our meal, our initial plan was to catch a movie at the cinema located at the top level of the shopping mall, but unfortunately, the cinema was either closed down or wasn’t open at that time. As such, we decided to head over to our hotel, thinking that we might be able to check in early. It turns out, we could only check in at 14:00 because all the rooms were fully taken up.

The hotel we were staying at for this trip was Harmoni One Hotel, and it’s merely five minutes drive away from Batam Centre / Mega Mall. We took a taxi and paid IDR50.000.

After having sit at the hotel lobby for one hour, we decided to take the lift up to the sixth floor to take a look at their swimming pool.

Harmoni One Hotel


So, so pretty. Too bad that we didn’t find time to make full use of it.

There’s also a gym located right next to the swimming pool.

Finally got to check into our room! The Boyfriend booked the Executive Suite; so apart from the bedroom, it also comes with a separate living/dining area. There’s also a huge bathtub attached in the bathroom.

Too tired; we took a three hours nap before taking the shuttle bus out to Nagoya Mall.

Snacking on these fried enokitake mushroom (IDR17.000) before going for our dinner.

Found this Chinese restaurant called Grand Duck Restaurant and decided to settle our dinner there. Foods were pretty decent, and my favourite got to be the sweet and sour chicken.

Together with a soup and two drinks, the bill came up to IDR273.500 (approx SGD29).

After having our dinner, we went for some shopping at the supermarket before calling it a day. Apart from the supermarket, there is basically nothing much to shop around Batam.

Batam Day 2

Started the day with buffet breakfast over at our hotel!

Not sure if it’s because we went down too late, but there’s a limited amount of choices.

Checked out of our hotel at 12:00 and because our return ferry was at 17:00, we decided to take a taxi down to Nagoya Mall. Taxi fare: IDR70.000.

Like what I’ve mentioned, there isn’t really anything worth buying at Batam, so we ended up spending an hour at the arcade just to pass the time.

After which, we decided to take a taxi back to Mega Mall to have our meal before taking the ferry back to Singapore.

One last meal at A&W before we bid goodbye to Batam!

To our utmost horror, we found a massive queue at the ferry terminal. Looking at the crowd, we were so afraid that we might miss our ferry back to Singapore. It doesn’t help that the police officer/security guys weren’t that helpful. Not sure if it’s due to language barrier, but they don’t seem to listen to what I’m saying. All they did were to ask us to continue to queue.

We ended up missing our ferry. But thankfully, the guy over at the counter was kind enough to let us board the subsequent ferry back to Singapore (without having us to get another ticket).

With that, it concludes our 2D1N trip to Batam.

Batam still looks pretty much the same as two years ago. Don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon, just because there isn’t really much to do over there.




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