2014 Hong Kong – Day 5 (Golden Bauhinia Square / Agnes B Cafe)

May 19, 2014

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Sorry for the delay.. But here’s my Day 5 travelogue for Hong Kong. Once again, do click on the above links if you’ve missed out on the past entries.

So.. It was past midnight when we came back from dinner at McDonald’s and as such, we decided to sleep in till a little later and only went out at around 2:30pm the following day (Day 5).

Because we woke up late, we’ve to make do with whatever we’ve in the hotel room for our breakfast.. And this yummy crepe cake that we bought from 7-11 (at around S$2) was what we ended up having. I love how it’s soft and sweet at the same time.

Also, this is totally a life saver for me when I suffered from gastric the night before!

Glad that we’ve bought extra for breakfast!

Finally out on to the busy streets to look for lunch..

Time check: 2:50pm

After walking aimlessly down the roads, we decided to go back to 大家乐 again. Convenient location + affordable meal = 大家乐!

Really love their farm chicken, so I decided to order the farm chicken and roasted duck rice again.

Since we were around that area, we decided we would just walk through Ladies Street to get back to our hotel.

Here’s Mr. Boyfriend with his adorable Stitch t-shirt!

If you happened to see me wearing this t-shirt in the future, that’s because we both got the exact same t-shirt from Disneyland. I think it was available in two colours; navy and white.. And I personally thought white was nicer so I decided to get the one in white and persuaded the Boyfriend to get his in white too. The only downside with wearing this t-shirt is you can’t carry a backpack, or else it will cover the entire Stitch design on the back.

恒香老饼家 – Very famous for their 老婆饼 (Wife cakes).

We managed to get a few boxes back for our families on the last day of our trip. They have many outlets available in Hong Kong so it’s pretty convenient to find one that is near by. This outlet above was found just next to Ladies Street.

We both bought dry-fit t-shirts for our dads at only HKD100 for four.

We also went to this handphone accessories stall located at the very start of Ladies Street to help my sister to get tempered glass screen protector for her iPhone.

It’s so much cheaper to get it in Hong Kong as compared to getting it here in Singapore. I believe it’s around S$10 when I got it in Hong Kong, and it was S$35 when my sister went to enquire for the price in Singapore.

I’ve kind of regret that I didn’t get one for my iPhone.. So let’s just hope that nothing is going to happen to my iPhone in the next two years or so.

Apart from tempered glass, I also got two handphone covers; one for my sister and one for myself. Can you guess which of the above did I get for myself?

As we were walking back to our hotel, we happened to pass by the stall selling cold noodles and I finally decided to give it a try. They’ve an assortment of toppings available, but I decided to get mine with just eggs, crab sticks and corn.

I love it! Managed to finish the entire packet by the time I reached back to the hotel. The chillie that was added reminds me of those in wanton noodles so it was really good. For S$2, I thought it was worth every penny!

Back at the hotel, we decided to take a short rest and freshen up before heading out for the night. According to our “itinerary”, we were supposed to travel down to Hong Kong Island.

There were several ways to get there and I supposed the easiest way would be to either take a taxi or take the MTR directly down to Central station. Apart from these two options, you can also choose to take a ferry at Star Ferry Pier that will bring you straight across the river to Hong Kong Island.

And that was what we planned to do – to take the ferry from Star Ferry Pier.

To get to Star Ferry, the Boyfriend thought we should try to figure our way to take a public bus there, just like how we took a bus back from there the other day. So, we began walking down the streets and surprisingly, managed to locate the bus stop.

The bus fare cost HKD4.90 per person and we easily paid it with our octopus card.

On board the double-decked bus!

It was closed to 6pm when we finally reached the Star Ferry Pier..

Right before we went to board our ferry, we passed by one pastries stall at the ground level and randomly decided to get one of their egg tart and wife cake.

The wife cake was pretty average.. But the egg tart was however, one of the nicest I’ve ever eaten! Sorry but there was no picture of it because I didn’t know it will be that good before I tried it.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much for their egg tart and wife cake. Just thought that they looked good in the display and I was craving for some snack to fill the stomach. But it was so nice! It was still a little warm when we bought it.. With a slightly crispy crust and a sweet, melt in your mouth centre.. So, so good!

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to remember the name of the stall. I only know it’s located at the ground level, near to the stairs.

So sad that was the only chance we got to eat it because we didn’t manage to return again 🙁

Do give their egg tarts a try if you happened to pass by that area. Even if you don’t love them as much as we do, at least they’re still pretty decent egg tarts.

Can’t remember how much we paid for the ferry ticket, but I remembered it was fairly inexpensive and we simply paid using our octopus card.

At 6:15pm, the sun was almost setting when we got on the ferry. Glad that we still managed to capture a few clear shots of the surrounding before the sky goes dark!

The entire journey only took us approximately ten minutes and we arrived shortly at Wan Chai Ferry Pier.

Right after we alighted from the ferry, the first stop was to walk over to the Golden Bauhinia Square located close to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Well, can’t say no when the Boyfriend said he want a picture with the Bauhinia Sculpture.

We were both pretty amazed by what’s happening behind. I’ve no idea how they even built that.

Once again, the Victoria Harbour.

I thought this picture was really funny because I managed to make him look like a giant!


Because I couldn’t care less to take a picture of the Victoria Harbour.

Okay, maybe just one picture.

Here’s a pretty nice view when we were on the overhead bridge.

Somehow, the Boyfriend thought it was easy to figure our own way to Times Square.. And after crossing and walking through various streets, we eventually found a bus stop to take a bus over to SOGO.

As we weren’t planning to shop in SOGO, we decided to venture to the nearby malls and eventually ended up at wtc more. We were then pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve an Agnes b café in there, so we decided to pop in to take a look.

The place was rather quiet on a Thursday night..

And here’s what we ordered:

As the Agnes b retail store is situated just next to the café, we were told that with any spending at the café, we will be entitled to a 10% discount at the retail store. But I wasn’t planning to get anything from Agnes b so we didn’t manage to utilise the discount.

Also pop in to the Porter International store..

Saw these luggage storage lockers in the mall and I thought they were pretty cool!

However, they charge by per hour rate so I guess it’s not exactly economical. (We eventually found another shopping mall that offers locker services for free. Will share more about it in the upcoming post.)

A random tibits store that we found along the shop houses and I thought the packaging of these are just too cute to not snap a picture!

By then it was almost time for us to return back to our hotel.. And honestly, this Boyfriend of mine just always come up with odd and random suggestions. He suggested that we should try taking a tram!

Yes, this time round it wasn’t a public bus but a tram!

And so, we did!

We just randomly board a tram that we thought would bring us back to the pier.. But apparently it wasn’t as easy as we thought it will be. We ended up alighting at the wrong stop and had to take another tram.. And it still didn’t bring us to where we wanted to go..

It was just too much trouble, and we eventually decided that we will just simply take the MTR back to Yau Ma Tei.

And thankfully, we managed to figure our way to Central Station.

And back to Yau Ma Tei!

It was nearly 10:30pm by the time we got back and we were getting hungry so we decided to just look for a place nearby to settle our dinner, before walking back to our hotel.

Eventually found a place near to one of the MTR exit called 翠华餐厅.

The food was pretty average but it was good enough to satisfy our hunger. Also saw that they serve breakfast and the Boyfriend and I decided that we should come back again the following day to give it a try.


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