2014 Hong Kong Day 6: Butterfly on Morrison Boutique Hotel | Times Square

May 19, 2014

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I would say we got up somewhat early on Friday morning (Day 6)? It was the day that we were supposed to check out of our current hotel and moved over to another hotel located at Hong Kong Island.

The Boyfriend actually made several hotel bookings for our Hong Kong trip. The first booking was five nights at The City View Hotel.. Thereafter, he had made another three bookings: The first one being another three nights at The City View Hotel (In case we got lazy and just want to continue our stay at the same hotel), the second one was at Prudential Hotel (situated at Jordan) and the third one was Butterfly on Morrison (situated at Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island).

We eventually picked to move over to Butterfly boutique hotel because the Boyfriend thought we had already spent our past five days at Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei and Jordan areas, so it’s about time for us to spend the rest of the time exploring Hong Kong Island.

I thought it makes sense, so we decided to shift over even though I do find that The City View is a nice hotel with convenient location.

Our check-out time was supposed to be at 12 noon, but we managed to extend it till 1pm so meanwhile; having packed our luggage, we decided to return to 翠华餐厅 to have our breakfast.

I realized I’ve yet to take pictures out from our hotel window at The City View, so here’s two pictures!

Time for breakfast. Or you can call it our early lunch because we reached there at 11:35am and they’ve stopped serving breakfast at 11:30am 🙁

菠罗包 / Pineapple bun served with a slice of butter on ice cubes.

奶油猪 / Toast with condense milk.

And we also ordered scrambled eggs sandwich and ice lemon tea.

Total cost for breakfast (early lunch): HKD102

Then we’re back at the hotel to get ready for our check-out.

One last look at our hotel room.

I’m pretty impressed with myself that I managed to fit all my purchase into my luggage! Probably show that I didn’t overdo my shopping!

Once we checked out of The City View Hotel, we took a cab down to Hong Kong Island and checked in to Butterfly on Morrison Hotel, located at Wan Chai area. The taxi fare cost us HKD180 to travel from Yau Mai Tei to Wan Chai.

Butterfly on Morrison
39 Morrison Hill Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Here’s how the hotel room look like at Butterfly on Morrison.

It looks a lot better furnished and modern as compared to The City View Hotel but I thought the hotel room was in comparison much smaller in size.

History just had to repeat itself and the similar scenario always happened to us when we checked into our hotel. The previous time when we were in Bali, we were given a hotel room with a spoiled door, so we ended up having to switch to another room. This time in Hong Kong, we were given a different type of room from what we’ve booked, so we ended up having to switch to another room too. And all these only happened after I’ve snapped pictures of the hotel room, and as you’ve guessed it, I eventually got lazy and didn’t manage to snap pictures of the room that we were ultimately staying at.

Because we were being given the wrong room, we were then told that our room will only be ready at 2:30pm. As such, we decided to leave our luggage at the hotel and venture out to the shopping malls.

Found our way to Times Square. Glad that it’s within walking distance from our hotel!

This is also the place where we discovered offering free lockers service. If I remember correctly, the lockers were found at the second level of the mall.

Times Square Hong Kong
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island
Tel: +852 2118 8900
(Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay)

How it operates is you insert a HK$5 coin into the machine and the machine will automatically assign you a locker number and issue you an IC card (a round token). You then put your belongings into the designated locker and at the end of the day when you return, simply insert the IC card back into the machine and the HK$5 coin will then be refund to you.

The Boyfriend actually used the locker to store his laptop while we went around shopping at the other malls. In order for us to get back to our hotel, we will bound to be passing by Times Square, hence it’s really convenient for us to just leave our things there and return to collect it right before we walk back to our hotel.

Pictures taken right outside Times Square Hong Kong.

Passed by this HUGE Apple Store!

Captain America found outside Hysan Place.

Then we finally found the HUGE Forever 21 store in Causeway Bay.

There’s a total of six floors in there but we left after going one round at the ground floor. Guess I’m just too tired to squeeze with all the other shoppers..

Forever 21
19 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2890 4791
(Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay, Exit F)

So instead of going through all the six levels, we came out and walk into this lane that is just next to F21.

There was sadly nothing much in there, so we left shortly later and decided to cross over to SOGO instead.

But right before we crossed the roads, we saw a Hui Lau Shan stall among the shop houses and decided to get our drinks from there. According to many, Hui Lau Shan is yet another must-try in Hong Kong?

I honestly thought the drinks were nothing special or exceptionally nice? Or maybe I should have gone for their desserts and not the drinks? Anyway, I recently found out the nearest Hai Lau Shan was at JB City Square so I suppose I can cross over if I wanted to give it a try again.

We then crossed the roads, passed by SOGO to get to wtc more. The day before I actually got a pair of jeans from Uniqlo at wtc more and had it sent for alteration service hence we were back again to collect my jeans before we return to the hotel.

Back to Times Square to retrieve his laptop from the locker.

It was nearly 4pm when we finally reached back at the hotel and we managed to check into our hotel room right away. We then took a rest and headed out again at 7pm to look for dinner.

As we were making our way over to Times Square, we passed by this eatery called 池记 and thought it rang a bell. Decided we would have our dinner there because we thought we might have read the name somewhere or it might be a recommended place that we’ve forgotten about.

Once seated inside, I took a glance at the menu and finally realized why I found the name to be familiar. It was the place where we had our first meal in Hong Kong on the first day we arrived. The place that we thought the food was not that great. Haa.

I decided to order their 皮蛋瘦肉粥 since I remembered not liking their rice and noodles.. The Boyfriend was smart to have followed my decision and ordered the same.

And oh my.. Their porridge was exceptionally good! To be honest, I was really surprised because I frankly wasn’t having high hopes for their food. But the porridge was really smooth and flavourful. I think I might have love this even more than the porridge we had at 生记粥面 (The stall opposite The City View Hotel).

After our very satisfied dinner, we then went back to SOGO and this time round we finally took the time to walk through the entire departmental store. The Boyfriend was looking for the Kura Chika (Porter Japan) counter so there we were.

Thereafter, we went for more shopping at Causeway Place (a nearby shopping mall), followed by supermarket shopping at JP Plaza.

Found my favourite mango Vita Juice at the supermarket and decided to get a pack of six for my sister.

The Boyfriend on the other hand, found his favourite Arizona Tea! He thought the bottles looked pretty and wanted to collect all the different deigns (flavours).

Also at JP Plaza, we passed by this café selling waffle and they looked so good, so I asked the Boyfriend if we could dine there and he agreed!

Warm soya milk.

The Boyfriend had since discovered his new found love for soya milk. Haa.

The Boyfriend had the Egg Benedict (HKD80), but chose to substitute the English muffin for a pandan waffle.

Apart from Pandan, you can also choose between Classic, Gluten Free Buckwheat, Whole Wheat and White / Dark Chocolate Chip (price varies) waffle.

I had a Mango Strawberry Fresh Waffle (HKD65) to satisfy my sweet tooth.

This is why sometime iPhone is better because at least the camera won’t go crazy with the yellow lightings.

Our total bill came up to HKD206, which make it one of the most expensive meals we had in Hong Kong.

Green Waffle Diner
Shops 10, 1/F, J.P. Plaza 22-36
Paterson Street, Causeway Bay

Then while walking back to our hotel, we passed by Forever 21 and decided to pop in again.

Six levels to conquer!

I saw this snapback under the men’s section and thought it was pretty cool!

Really like it but I didn’t end up buying because I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to wear it.

What I did get were some sports attires and a pullover, while the Boyfriend got a few pairs of jeans under “21 Men” label.

It was nearly midnight when we returned to the hotel.. And the next day will be another exciting day because we had plan to spend the day over at Macau!



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