2014 Hong Kong – Day 8 (The Peak / Madame Tussauds / IFC Mall / Tim Ho Wan)

June 1, 2014

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Day 8 falls on a Sunday and it was the last full day we had in Hong Kong before we return back to Singapore on the following day.

Not much time left, so we headed out promptly at 12:30pm.

Our first stop for the day: Onitsuka Tiger store located down the streets from our hotel. If I’m not mistaken, we chance upon the store the previous day while we were on our way to the MTR station, and the Boyfriend wanted to return again to check out their shoes selection.

He eventually left with a new pair of shoes which I’m very happy about; because like I’ve mentioned previously, it was extremely rare for him to find something he likes. So it was like hitting the jackpot when he ended up leaving the store with a purchase. Haa.

As we were planning to be out for the entire day, we didn’t want to carry the bulky shoe box with us.. So guess what we did? We ended up going over to Times Square and once again make use of their free locker service to store our purchase. It was really convenient especially with the MTR being just right below Times Square.

Our plan for the day was to visit The Peak, then hopefully spend the second half of the day going to IFC Mall. So in order for us to get to The Peak, we’ve to take the MTR from Causeway Bay Station down to Central Station.


Then coming out from Central Station, we simply walked over to The Peak Tram Station. (Directions: MTR Central Station, Exit J2)

The Boyfriend had been there before, so we didn’t have trouble finding our way.

To our horror, the place was extremely crowded on a Sunday afternoon!

Everyone was queuing to get tickets for the tram.

We ended up decided to take the combo package which includes entrance to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Peak Tram two-way ticket and Sky Terrace 428 ticket; simply because the queue to the ticketing counter was shorter as compared to the one that is solely for sale of the tram ticket.

And I just wanted to tell you, if you’re getting the combo package mainly because you want to avoid the queue (like we did), then don’t bother. We felt cheated when we realized that we still have to join in the queue to board the tram.

Finally on board the tram..

Once we reached the top, we decided to check out Madame Tussauds first.

Upon entry, the first wax figurine that we saw was Jackie Chan. The staff will take a professional shot for you, whereby you can later choose to develop out. Not sure why but they didn’t allow us to take picture of Jackie Chan’s figurine with our own camera 🙁

The wax museum is being divided into ten different zones, namely: Hong Kong Glamour, Royal Family, Historical and National Heroes, TV Studio, World Premiere, SCREAM, The Champions, Authentic History, Music Icons, and lastly, Fantasy Kingdom.

First up, Hong Kong Glamour:

I’ve no idea why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fall under this category ?.?

Royal Family:

Historical and National Heroes:

TV Studio:

World Premiere:


The Champions:

Wax sculptor and founder of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – Marie Tussaud.

Authentic History:

Over at the Authentic History zone, they will bring you through the journey of creating Donnie Yen’s wax figure by showcasing the step by step production process.

Music Icons:

Jay Chou

Fantasy Kingdom:

Iron Man



Astro Boy


Monkey Kingdom:

And the last wax figurine that we saw over in the Retail Shop was 大S.

The only things that I bought from the Retail Shop were these customized key-chains.. They were only HKD30 each and you can choose up to five alphabets. From the sixth alphabets onward, each additional alphabet will cost an additional HKD5.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
Shop P101, The Peak Tower,
No. 128 Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 1000 – 2200 (last admission at 21:45)

Coming out from the wax museum, we took a short break at Burger King, before continuing on with Sky Terrace 428.

The Sky Terrace 428 is the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong; offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across the entire Hong Kong.

This is the view you get when standing at 428 metres above sea level.

We can even get a glimpse of the tram track.

2014 – My first visit to Hong Kong.

Saw this gelato stall while we were joining the queue for the tram back..

And look what I saw: Doggie gelato!

Apparently you can get gelato for your dogs and they are available in beef and cheese flavours.

Here’s mine. If I’m not mistaken, I got a scoop of mango and a scoop of pistachio.. And this gelato cost us HKD71, which is around S$11.50! Totally not worth the money 🙁

Leaving The Peak, our plan was to check out IFC Mall, hence we simply walked back to Central MTR Station and from there walked till we reached Exit A of the station.

Once we reached at IFC Mall, our first intention was to locate Greyhound Café. And it didn’t take us long as it was found on the very same level when we came up from the escalator. Just right across, at the far right corner.

Greyhound Café was originated from Thailand and we were delighted to have discovered the café the previous time when we visited Bangkok. We both love their mini fried chicken wings very much, so imagine my surprise when I saw that there is an outlet in IFC Mall while I was looking through the mall directory online.

The café was pretty packed when we reached and I remembered being told that we could only stay for an hour to finish our meal. One hour wasn’t too bad for us since we weren’t planning on having our actual dinner there. We simply just wanted to order their famous fried chicken wings and ice lemon tea.

Two glasses of Thai ice lemon tea.

Similar to the café that we visited in Bangkok, their ice lemon tea was served with ice cubes made from real lemon tea. This is nice because it means that the drinks won’t get diluted from the ice cubes. Not necessary the nicest ice lemon tea, but we love the idea of the ice cubes so we always order this when we visit Greyhound.

Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings (HKD68).

This tasted pretty much the same from the ones we had in Bangkok. However the portion served was way smaller and the price was also much more expensive as compared to Bangkok.

We also ordered this set of satay sticks, which surprisingly tasted quite good.

For all of the above that we ordered, we paid HKD249, which was around S$40.

Greyhound Café
IFC Mall
Shop 1082, Podium Level 1, Central
Tel: +852 2383 1133

And since we were in IFC Mall, how can we miss out on getting macarons from Pierre Hermé! (Pierre Hermé was in fact one of my main objectives of coming to this mall.)


Finally, our last stop of the day was none other than checking out Tim Ho Wan, located at the MTR Station. Decided we won’t mind having dim sum for dinner, especially since the Boyfriend had been complaining for days on how we didn’t even once have dim sum while we were in Hong Kong.

This was in fact our first time trying out Tim Ho Wan because we had refused to join the long queues it first arrived in Singapore. Its funny how we didn’t want to queue in Singapore, but would very much rather join the queue while we were in Hong Kong. I guess at least we can be certain that we are getting authentic Michelin Star dim sum? Haa.

It certainly took us some time to get a table, but it wasn’t too bad considering that it was just two people. It will probably take longer to get a table especially if you come in a group.

I can finally understand why the hype for the famous Baked Bun with BBQ Pork! The Boyfriend and I love it so much! The crust was slightly sweet and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and together with the flavourful BBQ Pork, simply heavenly!

Perhaps because the BBQ bun was so delicious, the other dishes simply appeared pale in comparison. We definitely didn’t find them to be extremely good or love them as much.

Our total bill came up to be around S$20, which was pretty affordable and value for money in my opinion. Bear in mind that the gelato I had earlier on already cost more than half of this meal.

Tim Ho Wan
Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station
Podium Level 1, IFC Mall , Central
Opening Hours: 0900 – 2100

It was close to 11pm when we finally reached back at our hotel.. Apart from packing our luggage and getting ready to head back home on the following day, we also took some time to savour the macarons that we brought back from Pierre Hermé!

There were several designs for the boxes, but I specially chose this one that has Hong Kong’s landmarks on it.

A box of seven macarons is priced at HKD210, which is close to S$34.. So if you do the maths, one macaron basically cost near to S$5. Very expensive even when compared to brands like TWG or Ladurée. So you can only imagine my disappointment when I sincerely think that the macaron doesn’t even worth the price that we paid for. It definitely wasn’t the nicest macaron around and I highly doubt I will pay for them again.




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