7th Anniversary (GV Gold Class / Dinosaurs Dawn To Extinction Exhibition / Buffet @ TODAI)

October 20, 2014

As you can probably tell, this blog post is seriously way overdue. It had been three months since the Boyfriend and I celebrated our seventh anniversary but I only gotten the time to blog about it now.

Was honestly contemplating if I should even write about it since it was more than three months ago, but I really wish to document down the day with all the pictures that we took.

First, we started our day with catching a movie at Gold Class Vivo City.

It was our first time catching a movie at the Gold Class cinema and I must say it was a really luxurious experience. One of the keys difference for Gold Class cinema is that you get to unwind and relax at the private lounge before the start of the movie. If you feel like it, you can take your time to look through the exclusive menu and order some finger food and drinks to go along with your movie. (Of course the Boyfriend and I had to order mocktails and Buffalo wings to complete the whole experience.)

Once stepped inside the spacious movie theatre, you will find electronic recliner seats that are way too comfortable. Soft wool blankets are also provided to make you feel extra cozy. On top of that, waiter service is simply just a touch of a button away.

Even though movie tickets are triple the usual price, I still feel that it’s worthwhile for all the extra comfort and service that you get. Maybe not always, but once in awhile especially when there is some blockbusters that you’ve been dying to watch. For us, we saved it for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Transformers is hands down one of my all time favorite movie and I definitely felt extra fancy when I get to sit back and watch it through the big screen.

Leaving Vivo City, we made our way down to MBS as the Boyfriend suggests going for the Dinosaurs Dawn To Extinction Exhibition held at the Art Science Museum.

I must say I’m definitely not the best person around to be asked to go for any kind of exhibitions. Museum is just not my cup of tea. Three months down the road and I can hardly remember a single thing that I’ve learnt about dinosaurs. However, seeing how large scale the exhibition is, I do admit it’s rather impressive and educating (for those who pay attention).

Anyway, moving on to the highlight of the day.. Dinner. I always get extremely excited especially when it comes to buffet dinner (or steamboat). Perhaps also due to the fact that the Boyfriend always does his homework and brings me to the best buffet venue.

This time round we had our buffet at TODAI, which was located right around the far corner of MBS.

Wide selections of sushi..

Abundant choice of desserts.

Here’s a sum up of what I had. Can we just take a moment to look at the snow crab.

In conjunction to their Alaskan Crab Festival (June Promotion), there’s unlimited flow of snow crabs and king crabs provided. Every tables around us had at least a serving of crabs on their plates. We didn’t know how exactly to eat our snow crabs but we soon managed to learn it by looking at how others had theirs. The trick is to hold on to one side, twist and pull out.

To be honest, this is by far the best buffet dinner that I had. Everything I ate that day was delicious. I usually don’t pay much attention for the cooked foods, but surprisingly theirs were good enough for me to go back for a second serving. There were also a wide selection of desserts and sushi (So far I’ve never been to a restaurant that provide as many choices of sushi as TODAI.)

Compared to other buffets out there, TODAI is definitely on the pricier side, but I think the quality of the food is definitely there. At least I feel that the money I paid justified for the food that I get in return. Seriously, I need to go back again soon for a second visit!

Many, many years ago, I always thought that it was crazy that my parents had been dating for seven years before they got married. I can’t believe I’m saying this now – But I’ve been together with my first love for seven years now. And if everything were to go according to the plan, by the time we got married in 2017, we would have been together for a decade. Honestly, how crazy is that?

Thank you. For anything and everything.

For making me so angry that I sometime just wish that I could strangle you, for making me so sad and depressed that I cried many buckets of tears, and for bringing me all the happiness that no one else in this world could.

I love you. Now and forever.

Happy 7th Anniversary.



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