Day Trip to Johor Bahru City Square

June 16, 2014

Oh hello there!

Now that I’ve finally cleared all nine days of my Hong Kong’s travelogue, it’s time for me to sit down and clear out all my backlogs. I seriously have so many pictures pile up in my hard disk that I’ve no idea on where I should start!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I always love to schedule my blog post according to chronological order. As such, please pardon me as I backtracked a little back to May, and I’ll slowly work my way up to the recent events.

So, I guess I’ll start with my day trip to Malaysia Johor Bahru?

It has been years since I lasted stepped in to Malaysia. I believed the previous time I went in was back when I was still in Secondary School? It was seriously way too long ago that I hardly bear any memories. I supposed the main reason that stopped me from going in was not having a car and someone who’s familiar with the roads in Malaysia.

So on one of the weekends in May, the Boyfriend and I were as usual deciding on where to go.. (It seems like we had been going to the same old places again and again and we’re starting to get bored about it.) And I casually brought up the idea of going in to Malaysia.

I wouldn’t say I was surprised when he agreed to go in to Malaysia with me, as we’ve been constantly talking about going in to Johor Bahru, just that it never did happened.

We decided we might as well just go in to JB and check out City Square, since I’ve heard that it was very near to Malaysia’s custom and travelling with public transport wasn’t that difficult. We met up at around 2pm at Woodlands and took bus number 950 from the interchange and the bus took us straight in to Woodlands Checkpoint. I’m seriously amazed by how fast the entire journey took us! All the travelling and going through of the custom only took us probably about an hour or less?

And true enough, City Square was situated just next to Singapore-Johor Causeway. We basically just exit from the custom and walk for five minutes before reaching the mall.

It was around 3pm when we reached, and we decided to find a place to settle down for lunch. After walking for a few rounds, we decided to settle down at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, located at a corner of level 3.

After placing our orders, I started playing with his handphone. He recently just changed his phone to Xiao Mi and was bragging to me how awesome the camera function is! So I decided to check it out..

The camera can even determine the age of the person! Haa.

Found the filters that I like the most. These two helps to blur out my skin and make them look so soft and smooth XD

Here comes the food! What we ordered include: Fried Chee Cheong Fan with Tempura Sauce (RM5.80)

Ham Roll with Thousand Island Sauce (RM12.20)

Seafood Baked Rice (RM16.20)

We also ordered a Kimchi Rice Soup (RM10.90) and a chicken side dish. Our total bill eventually came up to RM71.15. We thought it was rather expensive since the foods were really mediocre. Would love to try out other eateries the next time we come over to City Square.

Thereafter, we went window-shopping around the mall and eventually ended up at McDonald’s. Saw that they were having the Circus of Life Hello Kitty and I decided to get two for my younger sister.

Happy to know that they don’t require us to purchase a set of meal in order to purchase the Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty was available for sale with any purchase, so we simply just got an apple pie and a drink.

By then, we had pretty much walk through the entire City Square.. So the Boyfriend suggested taking a cab down to KSL City and we did. KSL City was just a short distance away.. However, there was basically nothing much in there, except for the many nail salons found at the top level and push carts selling hand phone accessories. We ended up spending a majority of our time in Tesco supermarket, found at the basement level.

Head back to City Square to return back to Singapore and while we were heading out, we saw this store selling crepes and decided to get one to share. This reminds me a lot of those found in Bangkok!

We got the Chocolate & Cheese flavour for RM4.90.

Overall, I was really happy to have venture out into Johor Bahru and we definitely see ourselves coming back more often in the future. I was telling my parents how convenient it is to take public transport in to Malaysia and I can tell that they seem interested too. Haa.


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