First Day of 2014 (Buffet at Straits Café @ Rendezvous / 2 Degree Ice Art)

January 6, 2014

Not wanting to stay home on the first day of the New Year, the Boyfriend and I decided to head down to town.

It was around 3pm while we were on our way down to Orchard and we were considering on where to go for our lunch, when the Boyfriend suggests having buffet. It was just a few days ago on Christmas Eve when we went for a buffet at Four Seasons Hotel and now he’s craving to have buffet again. We decided to check online on the available buffet we were able to find in town and chance upon the Straits Café @ Rendezvous, located within the Rendezvous Grand Hotel.

And I must say we must be really lucky to have made it just in time for their High Tea which starts from 3pm to 5pm.

There were definitely a lot more food than what it’s shown here but those were mostly in covered trays so it seems pointless for me to take a picture of.

I usually prefer to start off with something light (and easy on the stomach) while the Boyfriend on the other hand, always seem to go full on with rice / noodle / etc!

The salmon sashimi was so good that I had to go back for a second plate.


Their award winning nonya laksa


Total bill came up to S$94 for two after all the necessary tax and service charge.

As I didn’t get to blog about the buffet lunch that we had at One Ninety Restaurant @ Four Seasons Hotel (on Christmas’s Eve), I thought I will take this opportunity to compare the two.

Overall, I personally feel that One Ninety Restaurant serve a smaller range of dishes, but a wide variety of desserts. The food was a lot more exquisite and unique, in a way whereby I can distinctly taste each dishes and they’re all flavourful and unique on it owns (Dishes that will instantly make an impression in your head the moment you taste it). Desserts wise, they also have a lot more selections and I can say that the dessert is easily one that you will find on a menu in a restaurant / café. (Not those sub-standard ones where you find in a random shop, but those that you’ll actually be willing to pay S$6 / S$8 for a slice of chocolate cake.)

Our total bill that day for their lunch buffet was around S$128 for two.

Straits Café on the other hand offer a wider variety of dishes, ranging from Japanese sashimi to Chinese dim sum to the common Singapore’s favourite like nasi lemak, laksa, roti prate and porridge. Even though the dishes are nothing special, I personally think that the variety is good enough to make up for it. For desserts, they offer a smaller variety but you can still find the typical ones like chocolate cake, cookies and chocolate fondue. I was however really surprised when I saw that they have a fridge especially cater for durian delights (like durian cake, durian puff and durian pengat). I tried the durian pengat which I thought was really nice and definitely worth the extra calories!

So if I were asked to choose between the two, I think I’ll definitely go for the latter one.

After our high tea session, we then went over to Marina Bay Sands for the 2 Degree Ice Art.

I vaguely remember going to one of this ice sculpture exhibition when I was a lot younger with my mom and elder sister. I believe it was in Jurong East? On the big field next to Jurong East Station. So going to this again this time didn’t really make me very thrilled. And to be very honest, I wasn’t even keen on going if not for the Boyfriend.

Haa. Believe me when I say he’s like one big boy every time we’re doing something new or exploring new places. He’s always so excited that I can’t bear to say no to him.

Ticket is priced at S$32 per adult and an additional S$5 for the renting of their winter wear (inclusive of the gloves).

And off we go!

Despite being wrapped in winter wear and wearing jeans, just five minutes in there and we started feeling the cold! One thing that you might already know about me is that my body is very afraid of cold. I always get rashes on my body every time when the air con is too cold.

Fortunately, the whole exhibition wasn’t really that big and it took us only fifteen minutes or less to walk through the entire thing. The only fun part for the exhibition is probably the slide that they have at the far end of the exhibition. We went through a few rounds of it before it gets too cold and we’ve to go out. We were told that each ticket is allow for a re-entry, so we decided to go out and take a five minutes break before re-entering again.

And just before we go, we decided to pay S$50 for these three photographs for keepsake.


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