Orchard Gateway / Buffet Town @ Raffles City

July 6, 2014

Sunday date with the Boyfriend in town. We decided to explore the relatively new shopping mall along Orchard Road – Orchard Gateway!

Saw one of this stand while we were getting Gong Cha and got attracted by the Insta-A-Selfie Contest.

Basically, all you have to do is to take a #selfie with one of the fashion pop-art benches found within the mall and upload it onto your instagram account with the hashtag #orchardgatewayselfie. The first 1,000 entries will win a S$10 shopping voucher.

Sound pretty easy.. So I decided to drag the Boyfriend to take the #selfie together.

Here’re his and mine..

Done with shopping and it was time for dinner.

The Boyfriend actually called to make a reservation at Buffet Town (located at Raffles City) prior to coming down to Orchard so off we went for our buffet dinner!

Not really a fan of walking around taking pictures while I’m having buffet so here are just a few snapshots of our dinner.

Of course we’ve to have our favourite salmon sashimi! Frankly speaking, this was one of the main reasons for coming to the buffet. It’s always a big plus point for us when they serve salmon sashimi.

Seafood which I barely touched.

And somehow the queue at the seafood kiosk was always the longest among all the others.

Asked for a serving of the waffle and I just have to top it off with a scoop of chocolate ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce.

And they serve freshly made-upon-order crepe too! Personally, I would very much prefer to have waffle and crepe than to have mini cakes. Mini cakes and ice cream seem too common hence it always nice when restaurant serve macarons, waffle, crepe and even yoghurt!

Overall, it was a rather pleasant meal.

We came with the intention of stuffing ourselves silly with the widespread of food that were available (in particularly the salmon sashimi), however I don’t think we managed to accomplish that? For two persons, we paid around S$90+ after tax and base on the amount we ate; I don’t think it really justifies the amount paid. Also, I don’t particularly think that this place surpass any of the other buffet places that we had been before, in term of the ambience of the place, the selections of food and price.. So I highly doubt I will return anytime soon.


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