Review: Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk & Hair Serum

May 5, 2014

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You know how there are days whereby we just wake up to frizzy and untamed hair in the morning?

No matter how well we nourish and moisturise our hair the night before, it’s still likely that we will wake up to one big mess in the morning. That’s something that I learnt recently known as pillow damage.

When we sleep, tossing and turning causes our hair to rub and tug against our pillow, creating friction. We call such friction caused by the pillow as Pillow Friction. Pillow Friction caused the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, and as a result, causing our hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles. We called such damage caused by pillow friction as Pillow Damage.

Because of pillow damage, we tend to wake up with frizzy and unmanageable hair in the morning.

And these are the culprits!


Personally, I think the ones that I suffered from are definitely




and Snap!

Because I’ve slightly long and really fine textured hair, my hair tend to get snapped (fall out) pretty easily 🙁 Judging by the way my hair fall out, sometime I wonder about the possibility of me going bald one day.

And on days whereby I’m planning to let down my hair when I’m out, I definitely have to rely on additional products to tame down the frizziness!

In order to solve the problem of having such frizzy and unmanageable hair, (also known as “bed hair”) and to reset it back to its original texture, I suppose the easiest solution is to wash our hair every morning after we woke up. But then again, you know how we all like to sleep in a little more than we should when the alarms when off. Hence my alternate solution to the bed hair caused by Pillow Damage is to use the new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask!

It’s time to start protecting those precious hair strands and minimizes Pillow Damage!

The new Essential Leave-On Treatment range helps repair and nourish your precious locks round the clock, even while you sleep! Comprising of an intensive repair Treatment Milk (for night use) and a revitalizing Hair Serum (for day use), this new day-and-night treatment range is specially formulated with Cuticle Care and Cuticle Protection ingredients that weightlessly repairs and moisturizes damaged hair cuticles and also shields it from external stresses such as friction and humidity.

Non-greasy and invisibly light, the Essential Leave-On Treatment Milk is perfect for night use. It intensively repairs and protects hair from Pillow Damage while you sleep, keeping your tresses beautifully soft and healthy.

Here, let me show you how my hair looks like before I went to bed and how it looks like after I woke up in the morning. Picture taken without applying any product on my hair.

And here is how my hair looks like when I applied the Leave-On Treatment Milk and how it looks like after I woke up in the morning.

Can you see the difference?

I really love the way the Treatment Milk feel on my hair when I first apply it on. Due to the light and non-greasy formula, it was able to absorb quickly into my hair.

My hair felt relatively softer and smoother the next morning when I woke up and my hair ends were also a lot less dry then before. My hair looks so much healthier and I wouldn’t mind if I was asked to head outside now with this hair.

But before I head outdoor, I shall not forget about the Leave-On Hair Serum!

Concentrated yet non-sticky, the Essential Leave-On Hair Serum instantly gives hair a healthy gloss and forms a protective veil over it. The Cuticle Protection Ingredients form a protective veil over hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays, giving it a healthy and lustrous shine while protecting it from the sun.

If you’re ready to give these products a try, you can now redeem for your free sample at

Alternatively, they are also available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies at an affordable price of $11.90 each.

And that’s not all. You can also stand a chance to win tickets to 2NE1’s All or Nothing World Tour concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June simply by purchasing $10 worth of Essential products. Visit for more information.

Let’s us all works towards achieving smoother and healthier hair today!


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