Sunday Brunch @ Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore

March 29, 2014

Took a two hours nap earlier on, only to find myself not being able to fall asleep now. So, I thought what better way to spend my time than blogging!

The Boyfriend and I discovered a new place for buffet last Sunday and I thought I will share it with you people! The buffet was really good in our opinion, so you might like to give it a try next time when you’re craving for some quality buffet!

He actually made a reservation for us for Sunday brunch, and all he said to me was simply to keep my afternoon free. He was being really secretive and wouldn’t even let me know where we were going. All I knew after I board the taxi was that we were going to a place called The Westin Singapore, located at Marina View.

Turns out, The Westin Singapore was actually a hotel and according to him it was a rather new hotel. Even the taxi driver that drove us there had difficulties trying to locate the place.

So glad that we decided to leave the house early that day because it took us various wrong turns and re-routes to finally find our way there. Once reached, we then took the lift up to level 32, where the restaurant is located. Despite all the time spent on travelling, we still managed to reach the place early.

Since the brunch only starts at 12 noon, we decided to spend our time taking pictures at their lobby. Yes, the hotel lobby is in fact at level 32.

Being at such a high level, we could easily have a clear view of the surrounding.

Not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the place look really grand in my opinion. High ceiling, floor to ceiling windows, comfortable chairs and sofas.

As we were sitting rather near to the entrance of the restaurant, we were the first to ask to enter the restaurant. Totally awesome, because it means I could take nicer pictures of the food before others start digging in.

So are you ready to see what the restaurant has to offer?

First up is the dessert kiosk:

They were tarts, cakes, macarons, chocolates, fruits, cookies and gelato! I thought it was a rather extensive range of deserts as compared to most buffet places.

Moving on, there’s the cheese station. I’m not a big fan of cheese, but I believe there are definitely people who appreciate them.

But what really get us excited was when we saw the range of seafood that was available. Think of cold crabs, mini lobsters, mussels, prawns, etc.

Just next to the seafood, there were an array of cooked food like salmon, roasted piglet, chicken, ribs, steak, lamb, etc.

Moving on to the adjacent table, we also found the salad bar, various Japanese sushi and salmon!

Having walk one round and seen all the dishes, it was time to start digging in!

Here’s my first plate: Grilled prawns, cooked salmon and roasted pig skin + a bowl of delicious mushroom soup.

Favourite salmon..

Accompanied by various fruit juice!

Took a break from eating..

And it’s #selfie time! Really happy to be given a window table because not only was the view awesome, there was also natural sunlight ideal for picture taking!

Clear weather = awesome view of the sea!

The view very much remind me of the time when we had breakfast buffet at level 82 in Bangkok!

More food:

Apple and raspberries gelato to refresh the taste bud!

Look at the size of the grilled prawn and mini lobster!

One last picture with the awesome sea view before we left the restaurant at 3pm.

Overall, it was a really wonderful experience and we are definitely looking forward to be back again in the near future!

For your info, Sunday brunch is priced at S$75++ per pax (exclude alcohol) and timing is from 12pm to 3pm.

Seasonal Tastes, The Westin Singapore
32, The Westin Hotel Singapore,
Asia Square Tower 2,
12 Marina Square View
Level 32


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