USS Halloween Horror Nights 4 (2014)

October 29, 2014

Back to share about the first (probably also the one and only) Halloween event that I went for this year – Universal Studios Singapore: Halloween Horror Nights 4.

Earlier this month, the Boyfriend came up with the suggestion of going to USS for Halloween Horror Nights 4.

We don’t usually celebrate or do anything special for Halloween, and the only Halloween event that we’ve ever been to was the one held at Scape. We’ve never been to the one at Universal Studios (Okay, technically I’ve been once, back in the days when I’m still working in USS. But I don’t think that should be counted since the scale of the Halloween event is nowhere as large as compare to the recent years).. So when we know that USS is offering a promotional price for RWS Invites cardholders, we decided to jump on the opportunities and got tickets for the event.

There was actually three promotions going-on for RWS Invites:
1. Event ticket at S$50 (UP S$68)
2. “Frequent Fear Pass” at S$88 (UP S$118)
3. R.I.P. Tour at S$158 (UP S$198)

We ultimately decided to go for the “Frequent Fear Pass” which entitled us unlimited access to the event for seven selected nights (3, 4, 5, 10, 17, 22 and 23 Oct) and a free themed mug (worth S$18).

I actually went to the event with high hopes because I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews in the past from my ex-colleagues. However, after having been to the event, I thought it was a little disappointing. Maybe I was having really high expectations, but I somehow felt that the event wasn’t as scary or terrifying as it should be?

Maybe it plays a part that there were way too many people in the park.

To enter to a “haunted house” you basically have to queue up to get in. Because there was such high traffic, chances are you will be lining up behind someone and the queue simply continues on after you. Even though they’ve staff stationed at the entrance to control the queue and release people in group-by-group, ultimately you’ll still be going in as a “group”. And because of that, you tend to see and hear those that are in front of you screaming (In return, knowing where all the scare actors were hiding at). It definitely diminished the amount of horror you experience in return.

And trust me when I say that most of the times you get scared not because of the actors but because someone next to you were suddenly screaming at the top of their voice.

Anyway, this is just my point of view. Everyone have different tolerance for horror; hence what seem scary to me may not necessary be scary for the others (and vice-versa). Throughout the four visits that I’ve made within the past weeks, I definitely seen people who I supposed have enjoyed the event. (Like I said, people were screaming their lung out.)

The last day for the event will be on 1st November, so if you’re interested to make a visit, you can still do so on either 31st Oct or 1st Nov.

Below are some of the pictures I took during my past visits. There aren’t any pictures of the scare actors or the inside of the haunted house so hopefully I won’t spoil it for anyone who plans to make a visit.

Highly recommend that you go for Jack’s Nightmare Circus. There are three shows scheduled for each night and you can choose to go with the one that fit into your schedule.

Even though Jack’s Nightmare Circus is listed as one of the four haunted houses, the show wasn’t anywhere close to being scary. In fact, it’s a rather light-hearted show, which I believe everyone will enjoy. We love the show and actually went back for the second and third times. (We didn’t manage to finish the show the second time we went due to some technical difficulties that causes them to cancel the show mid way.)

Here’s a short video which I managed to capture:

Among the three haunted houses (exclude Jack’s Nightmare Circus), Jing’s Revenge was the one that I enjoyed the most (followed by Mati Camp and The L.A.B).

Mati Camp was okay I supposed? Didn’t leave much impression on me.

The one that I least enjoyed was The L.A.B. Ironically; it was the one that took us the longest time (nearly one hour) in terms of queuing. The L.A.B was located near to WaterWorld and we basically had to queue inside the semi-open air theatre.

For those who preferred to skip the queues, you may wish to purchase the express queue tickets. We didn’t bother to get that because we were planning to come back other times if the queues were too long (Perks for getting the “Frequent Fear Pass” – We don’t have to squeeze everything into a day). For our first visit (5th Oct), we actually planned to conquer all of the haunted houses and leave the scare zones and attractions / rides for our next visit.

10th Oct, Friday


Back to USS for the second time for all the other scare zones and attractions that we’ve missed out on our previous visit. And also to satisfy my craving for the milkshake from Mel’s Drive In. So glad that so many F&B outlets extended their opening hours for the event (Mel’s Drive In, KT’s Bar, Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, Starbot Café, Goldilocks, etc).

Crispy chicken burgers, cheese fries and chocolate milkshake!

Went for several attractions on that day including Transformers The Ride, Canopy Flyer, Enchanted Airways and Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.

Went in to Silver Screen Collectibles and discovered that they’ve this entire section allocated for Despicable Me’s merchandise. Freaking adorable!


17th Oct, Friday


Dinner at KT’s Bar! Having been to USS for numerous times, this was actually our first time dining at KT’s Bar.

Mocktail and white wine. Every Friday night should be like this…

We both had the Steak Frites – thin-cut ribeye steak, cooked medium and served with chips, garlic butter, green peas and confit tomato (S$26) and I thought it was really good! The portion was bigger than I expected; the steak cooked medium, was not too tough (easy to chew) and the confit tomato actually went surprisingly well with the steak.

We got a pleasant surprise when we were paying for our bill when I asked the staff if there were any on-going promotions for any credit cards. The staff replied that there is 15% off for MasterCard; however if you get the 15% off, you can only get 3% rebates for the RWS Invites card. So we then asked her how much would the rebates be if we choose to forgo the 15% discount for MasterCard and for a moment we both thought that we heard it wrongly.

There was a whopping 50% rebates!

Our total bill came up to be S$87.10 after tax, and in return we got back S$43.50 through rebates. So awesome! Especially since the rebates can be use in most places around RWS (not necessary have to be within USS).

22nd Oct, Wednesday


Churros before going for dinner and Jack’s Nightmare Circus. The show actually differs slightly from the first time we saw it. They made changes to one of the segments; nonetheless it was still a great show!

Dinner was once again at KT’s Bar because the rebates were too attractive to be passed up!

I ordered a Potato Salad (S$4) and the Signature Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (S$16); and I actually preferred the side dish more than the main course. The Boyfriend had the Gammon and Egg (S$17); which I sadly didn’t enjoy too.

More rebates credited into my Invites card!

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