2015 Bangkok – Day 4 (Singapore Embassy / Platinum Fashion Mall / Khao San Night Market)

July 3, 2015

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23 March 2015: Woke up to one of the saddest news ever on social media. The passing of Singapore founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The entire morning was spent in front of the tv watching BCC News telecast on what’s happening in Singapore. It just felt so weird being away from home and watching everything from the tv.

Read online that the Singapore Embassy will be opened for Singaporean living overseas to pay their tribute to Mr Lee, so we immediately when to google the address and operating hours and decided that we will make a visit that day.

It seems a little rush to go before noon, so we thought we should go and get our lunch first before making our way there.

Lunch was a quick and simple one. Crossed to the opposite of our hotel to have the somewhat popular chicken rice. Because it was lunchtime, it took us awhile to get a seat, and there was even a queue formed right after us.

We ordered a serving of boiled chicken (THB120), chicken gizzard + liver (THB60), two rice and two drinks for THB220.

I thought the food was okay, didn’t taste exceptionally nice to me. So I can’t seem to understand what’s with the queue.

We were asked to show our identification (passport) and have to sign in our attendance before we were brought into a room. In there was a picture of Mr Lee Kuan Yew on the table with a book and pen for us to write down our messages. It was a very simple set up, but you can certainly feel the shift in the atmosphere while being in the room. The entire atmosphere was very solemn.


I’ll always be proud to be a Singaporean.

After leaving the Singapore Embassy, we just continued walking along the road till we came to a nearby BTS station. Thought we could leave by taking a train, but apparently we have no idea where we were. It was a part of Bangkok that we have never been to and we couldn’t even figure out where we were on the BTS map.

Then we saw that there was a mall nearby to the train station and decided to go in and take a look and ended up taking a rest at Auntie Anne’s. Come to think about it; it was a very strange feeling. Having such a heavy heart while being oversea just feel odd. I didn’t think that it will affect me/us that much, but it does. After seeing all the news coverage in the morning and having visited the Singapore Embassy, I just can’t help but let it affect my mood. A part of me wishes that I were back in my country.

Probably due to office hour, the entire place was rather quiet. After staying for half an hour or so, we decided to flag a taxi to bring us back. Didn’t know where to go, so we just got the driver to drop us at Platinum Fashion Mall.

Platinum Fashion Mall

Since we were back at Platinum Fashion Mall, we thought we would go to the other zone that we missed out the day before. The day before we went to Building A (Zone 1-2) whereby they sell mainly ladies/men apparels and accessories. So this time round we decided to go to Building B (Zone 3) that carries more on shoes and handbags.

Huge assortment of shoes, but we still left the place empty-handed. So we decided to just head back to our hotel first, and plan on the places to go at night. The good thing about Bangkok is you will never run out of places to go. Having so many night markets around the city, you can easily find one near you. So the real question is, which one should we go?

Eventually decided on Khao San Night Market. Heard a lot about this backpacker’s area but both of us had never been there before. Paid THB200 for a taxi to bring us there.

Khao San Night Market


Sad to say, Khao San Night Market was a disappointment for us. True enough, it’s a very lively and happening place with all the loud music and pubs around. But aside from that, we found the place to be rather dull. It certainly wasn’t as fascinating as what the website portrayed it to be. There were simply nothing much to see or to buy from there. We probably stayed for just an hour before we decided it was time to head back.

I will not recommend this night market to anyone. There are far more interesting and better night markets in Bangkok than Khao San Night Market!

Khao San Night Market
(Near to Yaowarat)
Opening Hours: Daily, 19:00 – 00:00

Back to our hotel but decided to spend some time at the night market in front of The Palladium Mall before we called it a day. This night market is located right below our hotel, so we always passed by it when we head back to our hotel at night. Nothing much to buy, but they do have some makeshift food carts that sell different types of finger food.

Didn’t find anything that I craved for from there, so I decided to cross the road (back to where we had our chicken rice earlier) to get some mango sticky rice. Got a small serving for THB60.




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