Chinese New Year 2015

March 10, 2015

Here’s a round up for my twenty-fifteen Chinese New Year celebration.

Didn’t really did much this year apart from:

– Having two reunion dinners on the eve of CNY,
– Midnight trip to Chinatown,
– Visiting on the first three days of CNY,
– A quick visit to River Hongbao (春到河畔),
– Have three lou hei, and
– Two small gambling sessions

Sad to say this but late night shopping at Chinatown is getting more and more disappointing. (The crowd was significantly lesser as compared to the past and you can hardly hear any CNY songs playing in the background.)

Not only am I disappointed with the range of products they have, but also the closing time of the stalls. Back was the days whereby stalls only closes at 5 / 6am. In the recent years you can see that stalls are closing as early as 1 / 2am.

I went there with the intention to buy those Taiwanese jellies, but couldn’t even find a single one.

I did, however, managed to snatch some Taiwanese seaweeds. They were initially sold at S$10 for three packets, but the price eventually dropped to S$10 for ten packets on the very last day. Consider us lucky that we managed to see that right when we enter Chinatown. They were all wiped out but the time we passed by the street fifteen minutes later.

Day 1 of CNY 2015: Started my morning having steamboat with the family.

Ever since we started having our reunion dinner outside, I always look forward to the morning of 年初一 because that’s when my mom will prepare steamboat for us. It was a simple affair, and though we didn’t have a huge spread of ingredients, I really enjoy having steamboat at the comfort of my own house.

After lunch, prepared four red packets to give to my parents and godparents. Ever since I started working, CNY is no longer about receiving, but giving too. I’m glad that I’ve the ability to give.

My sister and brother-in-law came back for visiting, hence the opportunity for family portrait.

Day 2: Reunite with the Boyfriend! He ended up coming along with us for the rest of the day. Spent the day mainly visiting relatives from my father’s side and going to River Hongbao at night.

River Hongbao 2015:

This year I really like the showcase of the lantern display. My favourite got to be the SG50 Giant Mural Wall!

Apart from going through the lantern display, I didn’t really get to walk around the other sections (I know there are various rides and game stalls located at the front, stalls selling traditional Chinese arts and crafts in the middle section and a food street located at the far end.) I wasn’t there for any of those. Instead, I was there mainly because I wanted to experience the joyous atmosphere that seems to be lacking everywhere else.

I hope all of you had a great celebration!

Till then..


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