DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

October 5, 2015

Still in the process of playing catch-up! I do have quite a number of blog posts / pictures I want to share from the past two months and hopefully I’ll be able to clear up the backlogs as soon as possible.

First, let me back track to sometime in August when the Boyfriend and I went for the DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. We actually planned to go on the eve of National Day but silly me forget that all the museums in Singapore are open and there’s free admission for all in conjunction to the SG50 celebration. Due to the free admission, the queue was ridiculously long and we figured we would come back another time and willingly pay for the entrance fee instead of standing in the queue for two hours.

Admission was S$15 / pax. Thought it will be more expensive than that but apparently not.

There was a package deal whereby with a few extra bucks you can also visit the other two exhibitions that were on-going at the same time. But somehow the staff didn’t mention that to us so we only bought the tickets for the DreamWorks exhibition. I was totally fine with that anyway since my main intention was only to come for the DreamWorks exhibition.

So excited for the exhibition! Did you know that the first movie the Boyfriend and I caught (before we even get together) was Shrek? It was Shrek the Third to be exact.

I love Shrek, especially after working and facing the character for one and a half year in Universal Studios.

Upon entering, the first section is known as “Character”.

Over here, it traces the evolution of iconic DreamWorks Animation characters from original concept drawings and sketches to fully developed personalities.

Do you love Po from Kung Fu Panda?

Not my personal favourite but I do think that he’s cute.

And by the way, I heard Kung Fu Panda 3 is coming out early next year.

Here’s what I love. They have this digital software on the computer whereby you can use to tweak and adjust the character’s expression.

Like this:

The wonder of technology. One same picture / character but yet you can transform it into so many different expressions.

The middle section “Story”, explores the process of constructing a feature-length narrative, from original inspiration to final storyline.

The number of storyboards for each of the movie.

And moving in to the final section “World”, it focuses on the complex and magical environments that are integral to DreamWorks Animation films.

Love the bright coloured posters!

The environment / scene for all the various movies.

The obvious one to me include the above – for Madagascar

And the treehouse for Shrek.

To be honest, the entire exhibition wasn’t that impressive to me. I thought they can do better by providing more details / explanations? But overall, it’s still a delightful experience to go through all the drawings / sketches and see how they transform everything into a two hour long movie.

Lastly, there was a retail store located right before the exit and they do sell quite a handful of merchandise like posters, books, stationery, apparels and etc. I was so close to buying the three WANTED cardboard posters from the Shrek movie. But eventually decided to give them a miss as I figured they definitely do not worth the S$75.

Super adorable Gingy plush / cushion is available for sale too but since I already got similar ones from USS, I gave that a miss too.


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