Jing Yi’s 18th Birthday

October 7, 2015

To be honest, I still find it slightly hard to believe that my sister actually turned 18 years old this year.

In a blink of an eye she’s already in Polytechnic, studying for her diploma! Like seriously, where did all the time goes? Is like one day you suddenly realized that your sister is all grown up and she is no longer the little sister that you always picture her to be. It’s really more of a shock when you realize how fast time is moving. Soon she will be 21, 25, 30.. OMG, this is so scary. And weird.

Anyway, before I drag on any further.. For her birthday, she decided to treat the family for a meal and based on her “set aside budget” we ended up going to Aston’s @ JCube for dinner.

Teriyaki chicken + french fries + coleslaw

Pork chop + french fries + mashed potatoes

Chargrilled chicken + garden veggie + mashed potatoes

Lemon lime chicken + garden veggie + potato salad

Chargrilled chicken + mac & cheese + mashed potatoes

Prime ribeye + mac & cheese + potato wedges

It was a nice meal. The whole family was there, including my plus one. My sister bought her a Strawberry Shortcake (one of my personal favourite) from Four Leaves and the staff at Aston’s was extremely kind to keep the cake for us in the fridge and subsequently provide us with lighter and cutleries.

Look at how pretty the candles are! There are from Diaso and only costs S$2.

We managed to have a mini pictures taking session + singing birthday song + cake cutting ceremony.

She probably won’t be reading this, but I do wish that she will stay healthy (i.e free from joint pain, intestine remained at their rightful position, etc) and enjoy / find the passion in what she’s currently studying, and hopefully find a job that she love in the future!



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