The Udder Pancake

April 27, 2015

Discovering new places for lunch..

Strong Iced Lemon Tea (SGD3.90)

Truffle Mushroom & Eggs (SGD12.90)

Truffled scrambled eggs, garlic sautéed white button mushrooms, shitake mushrooms drizzled with black truffle oil, served with fresh greens.

The Half Monty (SGD14.90)

Scrambled eggs, chunky German Bratwurst, trio baked beans, maple syrup, salted butter, fresh greens and grilled roma tomatoes.

The Udder Pancake
17 Lor Kilat, Singapore 598139

After being constantly in town for the past weekends, the Boyfriend and I decided it was time to venture out to new places to have our lunch.

We first thought of going to Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes, located at 21 Lor Kilat (Bukit Timah). But while we were walking down the stretch of shops along that street, we walked past The Udder Pancake and got attracted by the interior setting and their selection of pancakes. Because of that, we decided to give it a try.

If you can see from the above picture, they actually have ten different pancake selections available on the menu. Though it weren’t a lot, it still took me a good ten minutes to decide which one I want.

I ended up going for the Truffle Mushroom & Eggs, while the Boyfriend went for The Half Monty.

If you’re a true truffle lover, I’m afraid the Truffle Mushroom & Eggs will probably come as a disappointment. To me, the taste of truffle is almost non-existent. I also didn’t enjoy the scrambled eggs as I thought they were a little too creamy. The pancake and garlic sautéed mushrooms was good though.

Maybe I had too high expectation for my food because the Boyfriend who had The Half Monty thought it was good. I only had a bite on the German Bratwurst and I wasn’t fond of it. What with the taste of this German Bratwurst? I just can’t appreciate it.

Overall, the food wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t outstanding enough that I would recommend for others. That being said, I might just go back again to try out the other items available on the menu. Judging by the name, Brown Butter Caramel Bananas seem to be right up my alley!



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