Walk With CASE

March 17, 2015

Woke up before dawn on Sunday morning to attend a walkathon organized by CASE (Consumers Association of Singapore) in conjunction to the celebration of World Consumer Rights Day and SG50!

I actually get to know about the event through an email received at work. Asked the Boyfriend if he’ll be interested and surprisingly he said yes, and there we were at F1 Pit Building at seven o’clock on Sunday morning.

Our initial plan was to travel there by train, but apparently it was extremely difficult to pull ourselves out from bed and we ended up taking a cab there instead.

First thing first.

Submitted our indemnity forms and each received a bottle of water and a coupon for the collection of goodie bag after the walk.

There were several food stalls, game stalls and exhibition booths set up and out of all of them, the only one that stood out to me was the stall selling muffins. Took a closer look and realized it was my favourite muffin from Old Airport Road.

We bought a total of four muffins that morning and sadly, I thought the muffins didn’t taste as nice as the previous time when the Boyfriend bought them directly from Old Airport Road Food Centre. Even the Boyfriend thought so too.

Asked the Boyfriend to help me to snap a full body shot and it was what I got when I took back the camera:

Asked him where are my legs and without even looking at me, he told me “Got, got legs”.

Okay, fine.

Where are my feet?

Made him retake again and this time round had to highlight that I want a FULL BODY SHOT.

Does this only happens to my Boyfriend or is it the same for all guys? Apparently we’ve to SPELL out exactly what we want (and repeat if necessary) to get our message across.

I thought these trees (made out of plastic bottles) are really pretty. They look so colorful that it just makes me happy simply by looking at them.

Ferry wheel, blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Back to the main highlight of the event..

The walk was simply a short distance of 2.5km and we basically walked from Singapore Flyer to Esplanade and made a U-turn back to Singapore Flyer. Took us around forty-minutes to leisurely stroll to and fro.

Collected our goodie bags right after completing the walkathon and instead of staying for the lucky draw, we decided to go over to Marina Square for KFC breakfast instead.

(On normal days, the chances of us waking up early to have breakfast are equivalent to 10%?)

Now that we’ve been to this walkathon, perhaps we can talk about the MEJI Run that is happening on 23rd May? Based on the description on the website it seems like a pretty fun event and it will be really nice to go together. 5km also seems to be within the acceptable range for me.. Nothing too crazy, and suitable for people like me with zero stamina.


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