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July 1, 2016

I’m FINALLY sitting down to blog about my Bali trip.

My first ever trip to Bali was five years ago with the Boyfriend. Till date, I’ve been to Bali for five times? Just this year I’ve been to Bali twice, once in January and the second time in March. The Boyfriend keep pestering me to go back again in July but I’m not sure if I’m up for it.

Sad to say, with all the frequent visit to Bali, I feel that Bali no longer feel that special to me. It used to be very special and I’ll always look forward to going back since it was the first destination we been to ever since we got together. But I think I got a little bored of it now.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still love and enjoy going to Bali. Their people are nice, food and transport are affordable and they have many nice beaches around. My favorite place is probably Seminyak! (It used to be Nusa Dua because I love the beach there.)


I’ve been pondering on how I should draft my Bali blog post because we been to so many places, stayed at different hotels and I’ve taken tons of pictures! It sure not going to be easy to blog everything in details because let’s be honest, January is five months ago and I don’t think I actually can remember that much.

Still, I will try and I guess we’ll see how it goes. My apologies if the posts aren’t as informative as I wish they will be. Drop me a comment or email if you’ve anything in mind that I failed to mention and I’ll be pleased to help.

January 14, 2016

We had an early day as our flight was departing at 7:15 in the morning.

And two and a half hours later, we’ve safely made it to Bali. Reached at close to 10am and it took us close to an hour to clear immigration, collect our luggage and got on to a taxi.

There’s honestly nothing much at the airport, aside from a very “sad looking” Duty-Free. However, we did manage to get our data SIM card from the airport.

You will see a counter like the above once you come out (before entering the Duty Free).

There are various plans available and we got the one with 4GB data and twenty-minute talk time for Rp300.000 (approx. S$30). Quite expensive if you ask me, but I think there was some kind of promo so we actually got doubled of the data (8GB)? We actually have enough to last us till our later trip in March.

Unlike Bangkok, the SIM card does not go by three days / seven days’ plan so you can actually use the SIM card for as long as you like. Simply just do a top up at the convenient store when you run out of data / money.

Once we got our SIM card, we walked straight past the Duty Free and the moment we were outside at the arrival hall, we were swamp by drivers offering us transportation. Taxi touts in Bali is so, so terrible. We were approached by so many “taxi drivers” and they actually quoted us as high as 20USD / Rp200.000 for the ride from the airport to Seminyak.

After rejecting their offer, they still continue to bug / follow us around and later offer to lower the price to Rp150.000.

I actually saw the price list from the Taxi Counter (located right before we went into the Duty Free) and the price stated for Seminyak was Rp110.000.

Since we already got our data SIM card, we decided to try booking Grabcar through the app on our phone. As I already did my research prior to coming, I suggest heading up to Level 3 Departure Hall (while still trying to book for Grabcar).

Read online and someone suggested that we could actually wait for people to alight from the taxi and flag down that taxi. People also recommend taking Blue Bird taxi, because those will be charged by meters’ fare.

We eventually gave up on Grabcar because all the drivers can’t seem to locate us. I heard transport services in Bali can get very competitive and Blue Bird taxi are usually not welcome to pick up passenger at the airport. Which probably also explain why it was difficult for us to get a meter taxi. I guess we were very lucky to spot a Blue Bird taxi approaching and immediately decided to just stop wasting time and board that taxi instead. Eventually, our taxi fare came up to only Rp90.000.

Alila Seminyak . Bali


After a short car ride, we’ve reached our destination – Alila Seminyak

I was taken aback by the amazing view of the ocean the moment we reached. That’s the first thing you will notice the moment you step foot into the hotel lobby. Aside from that, I guess what draws me in is the heavy usage of wood in the surrounding. That plus the ocean just makes me feel calm and peaceful instantly. I don’t think I’ve ever been to other hotels that makes me feel the same way. It was incredible!

We were then given welcome drink (chill lemongrass tea) and snack while waiting for them to process our check-in.

On the table you will also find body lotion and face mist (all lemongrass scented) and we were told to give it a try. Weather in Bali can get really hot, especially since we’re so close to the ocean / beach so the face mist is definitely a good pick-me-up in this warm weather.

Once check-in was done, we were being brought up to our room.

Deluxe Ocean Suite


A little annoyed that our names were spelled wrongly.

Welcome snack

Writing materials provided.

A fully stocked mini fridge

Moving on to the bathroom:

All amenities provided. You can find things like sunscreen, after sun cooling gel, insect repellant, soap, cotton bud, etc.

Shower and bathtub

#mirrorselfie is a must

This was a complimentary stay for us. But apparently two nights here will cost 1016USD (without any promo or discount, based on the period we stay)

It was by far the most expensive hotel I’ve ever stayed (at that point in time).

I think it’s important for me to highlight that this was a complimentary stay for us. Any opinion I shared are my own and has nothing to do with whether the room is complimentary or not.

There’s no point for me to rave about something if I personally don’t enjoy it.


The Boyfriend actually went for a meeting right after that and I was left alone in the room. Found a nice spot and actually sat there to write my blog post.

When it gets a little hot, I sneak in to seek refuge in the comfy bed. (The air conditioning will be auto shut off once you open the sliding door to the balcony.)

Once the curtains are drawn, it set off a completely different mood!

Can’t remember how long the Boyfriend was gone but once he’s back, I immediately went to pester him to bring me out!

Sadly, I wasn’t good in riding a bicycle, or else I just might bring one out with me. Imagine cycling down the streets of Bali…

It felt so nice to be out in the streets!

Stopped by a random café to have a drink.

Cafe Organic
Badung, Jl. Petitenget No.99, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

There’s both indoor and outdoor sittings and we chose to sit inside because whether was getting too hot.

No doubt, it was the aesthetic that attracted me into this place.

If I’m not mistaken, their café was about to close hence we only ordered drinks and cake. Saw other tables having mains and they all look so good!

We got a chocolate cake, one iced chocolate and one fruit juice called “Zing” which is basically made up of pineapple, coconut water, orange and lime.

The chocolate cake was quite nice. Texture was slightly hard but the chocolate was extremely rich. Felt like I was eating a whole slice of chocolate truffle.

Coming out from Cafe Organic, we continued our way down the streets and passed by Revolver – A highly raved coffee place in Bali. I read somewhere that they serve one of the best coffee in Bali?

Gave it a miss since we just had our drinks at Cafe Organic. Would love to try it someday even though I’m not exactly a huge fan of coffee.

We ended up at a place called Gourmet Cafe for our lunch.

Quite a huge selection to choose from.

We eventually ordered a fish & chips and a quarter of the roast organic chicken.

Decided to head back to the hotel after that because we were hoping to catch the sunset at the beach.

Hmm, no, didn’t manage to catch it.

Ordered room-service later that night and the food was surprisingly quite good! I usually do not have high hopes for room-service so I was pleasantly surprised when I had the margarita pizza. Do give it a try if you’re there.

Food came in these recyclable disposable paper boxes together with disposable bamboo cutlery.

Burger that didn’t leave an impression on me.

I only remember loving the pizza.

Chips that came together as a set with the pizza.



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    Hi Joanne! Mind sharing what camera are u using for ur photos?

  • Joanne July 2, 2016 at 08:19

    Hi! Majority of the photos in this post were shot using Olympus EPL7.

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