2016 Bali Day 6: Alila Villas Uluwatu – Breakfast | Pool | In-Room Dining

August 25, 2016

Day 6 in Bali / Second day in Alila Villas Uluwatu.

Woke up before 6am to this view.

View from our bed..

Since we managed to wake up earlier than usual, we decided to head out early for breakfast. Usually, if breakfast is served till 10am, chances are you will only see us after 9am.

Breakfast is served daily from 7am to 10am at CIRE restaurant.

After breakfast, we decided to take a look around the restaurant. Heard about the spectacular ceiling that was made out of batik stamps.

Indeed, look how beautiful they were.

So special.

Walked around and we ended up at the exact same spot.

Failed at taking my own selfie, so I got my trusty camera man to snap some pictures for me.

Later in the afternoon, I accompanied the Boyfriend to go for yet another meeting and thereafter we decided to make a spontaneous trip to Kuta Square. Did some shopping and had lunch at A&W before taking a cab back.

Weather was extremely hot that day and our initial plan was to stay and take a dip in our private pool. Eventually, we decided to go down to the main pool instead. Pool was empty when we reached with only two couples lounging at the sun deck.

However, it appeared that someone was holding their solemnization at Alila Villas Uluwatu that day and they took up the entire Sunset Cabana. As such, we didn’t mange to get any shots at the cabana nor any sunset view from the cabana.

New swimsuit that I bought earlier in the day from Summer Chicks at Kuta Square. My go-to place for new swimsuit because of the affordable pricing. It’s around / less than S$40 for a set?

Having that magnificent Indian Ocean as backdrop.

Deciding what drinks to order..

Later at night, after we got back to our villa, I initially planned on taking a dip in our private pool. Went outside and I realized there was something by the pool. It was too dark and I couldn’t see clearly but I thought I saw a frog.

Ran in and told the Boyfriend about it but he kept telling me it’s probably a dried leaf. Neither of us was brave enough to walk closer to the pool so I suggest taking a picture. I did and while I was trying to zoom in on the picture, he still kept insisting that it was a leaf until… I zoomed in further and saw a pair of eyes.

The next thing I knew, I ran back inside and never step foot outside for the rest of the night.

Funny story aside, on a non-related note, for dinner, we decided to call for in-room dining instead of eating out.

Unless you have a place in mind to go for dinner, I guess for convenient, most people will choose to either dine at one of the two restaurants (i.e CIRE / The Warung) or simply call for in-room dining.

Due to the location of the villas, I personally felt it wouldn’t be very practical to call for a transport to drive you all the way out just for dinner.

What we ordered: Margarita Pizza,

Crisp Cuban Pork Sandwich,

Sate Campur,

and Caramelised Chicken Drumstick.

My favorite got to be the Margarita Pizza. (This trip has been all about eating margarita pizza) As usual, we over-ordered and never finished all of our food.



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