03/2016 Bali Day 1 & 2: Flight | Berry Biz Hotel | Menega Cafe Jimbaran Beach

August 29, 2016

Right after our January trip to Bali, I took a second trip to Bali in March 2016. (It was the third trip for the Boyfriend since he went once in February, without me) It was mainly for work, but we did have some fun along the way.

Prior to Bali, the Boyfriend actually went to Solo for a few days. I decided to skip Solo and join him directly in Bali instead. My second time flying solo! This time round it wasn’t as scary as compared to the first time since it was a direct flight from Singapore to Bali (no transit) and it was only 2.5 hours away.

My flight was at 3:20pm, so it was around evening when I reached Bali. The Boyfriend came to pick me up at the airport.

No check-in luggage because it will be too much trouble. Just a cabin bag for a two weeks’ trip. Sometimes I really surprised myself. So guys, two weeks in a carry-on is indeed possible! Tried and tested!

This trip consists of ten days in Bali and four days in Jakarta. I reached Bali on 5th March, left for Jakarta on 14th March, and returned to Singapore on 17th March.

Upon reaching, the first thing I did was to get my own data SIM card. The Boyfriend was still using the one we got in January, so I decided to get one for my own usage.

Right after we arrived at the hotel (Berry Biz Hotel), we decided to have dinner first, as we’ve to rush off for an event later that night at W Hotel Bali.

Reached W Hotel Bali at around 8:30pm. Apparently, that day happened to be their 5th Anniversary hence they were having a celebration party. To be honest, I was bored out of my wits. But, I did catch some spectacular fireworks!

The fireworks were basically just right in front of us. I’ve never once seen a firework this up close. It was nothing like the one we saw in Singapore. I took a short clip using my iPhone and you can see how close it was. I didn’t even have to zoom in.

It was around 11pm by the time we reached back at the hotel.

03/2016 Bali – Day 2

Here’s a look at our room at Berry Biz Hotel. To be honest, the room isn’t the biggest, but I guess it’s good enough if you’re looking for an affordable stay in Bali. (I don’t know the exact price but I’m certain it costs less than S$50 / night)

Each room have a different picture on the wall and ours is a picture of Steve Jobs.


Had our lunch at the café below our hotel. It’s called “Brown & Butter”.

Later in the afternoon, the Boyfriend and I decided to call for a Grabcar and head down to Jimbaran beach for dinner. The ride from Sunset Road to Jimbaran cost us Rp49.000.

Once again, we decided to head back to Menega Café at Jimbaran Beach. We had a fairly good dinner the previous time we were there.

Menega Café


This is how it looks like if you enter from the back…

And this is how it looks like from the front.

Unless you’re walking along the beach, most likely you will enter from the back instead.

Because we were there early (before 5pm), we were able to get a table right in front. The previous lesson taught us to always come early if we want to get a good seat for sunset view.

Dinner by the ocean.

We had lobster,


squid (calamari) and clams.

Together with stir fried kangkung, steamed rice, two glasses of red wine and one bottle of Coke, our total bill came up to Rp724.000.

The food was good! I love the sauce that came with the clams. But towards the end of my meal, I got more and more irritated by the flies! There were so many around us. So even though the food might be good, I’m not sure if I want to come back again. It’s a big turn off to have so many flies around while having your meal.

Oh, and we didn’t manage to catch the sunset because it was too cloudy.

After Jimbaran, we called for a Grabber to take us back to Kuta Square for a foot massage at Smart Spa.

One downside about coming to Jimbaran is that it can be very difficult / almost impossible to get a meter taxi. Not exactly easy to get Grab or Uber either.

We managed to call for one Grabcar and have to walk further up the road just to make sure that the driver was able to pick us up. I don’t think it’s possible for the driver of Grab / Uber to easily drive in to pick up passengers near to the café / restaurant, mainly because they are always private drivers around and it’s well-known that they dislike Grab / Uber.

Is like there are certain (unspoken) territories that Grab / Uber are not welcomed? Airport is one. Jimbaran is one. So my advice is always to be careful if you’re calling Grab or Uber at these locations.




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