03/2016 Jakarta Day 2: Review – Alila Jakarta – Breakfast | Buzz Restaurant | Cocktail Hours

September 20, 2016

Do check back yesterday’s post if you want to know more about the room we stayed in Alila Jakarta.

Day 11 of our trip, and second day in Jakarta! I guessed I was too tired from all the travelling because I managed to sleep for nine hours straight. Woke up feeling hungry so the Boyfriend and I made our way down to the Executive Lounge on the 7th floor to have our breakfast.

Breakfast . Executive Lounge


There is a total of five standard breakfast choices available and after some serious pondering, I decided to go for the Alila Big Breakfast.

All Big Breakfast – Two eggs cooked any style served with mushroom, hash browns, grilled tomato, chicken/beef/pork sausage, bacon and sourdough toast.

I think the presentation will be a lot better if they include some greens on the plate.

Apart from the five standard breakfast choices, you can also help yourself to the nearby bread station, whereby there is a variety of jams, cheese, and hams that you can pair with.

Later in the afternoon, the Boyfriend had to go out for a meeting and I decided to stay put in the hotel room. I’m getting used to the fact that whenever we are away on a work trip, there will be times whereby I had to stay alone in the hotel.

Most of the time he will ask me to go along with him, but I usually try to avoid, unless it’s a must for me to go. So while he’s away, what I will usually do is catch up on my sleep, do work, transfer / editing photos or work on my outstanding blog posts. Most of the time I will be able to sneak in a few hours to work on those, before he came back from his meeting.

This is my view from the window. Overlooking the rooftop pool on the 6th floor.

And you can probably tell that the weather is quite gloomy.

After the Boyfriend came back from his meeting, we decided to head out to one of the nearby mini marts to get some drinks and snacks. At the same time, also to top up his SIM card since it’s running low on value.

As the weather doesn’t look promising, we decided to bring along an umbrella and fortunately we did because it started pouring right after we reached the mini mart. The rain was so heavy that the road started to flood and we were half drenched by the time we reached back at the hotel.

Instead of heading back to our room, we decided to have a late lunch at Buzz Restaurant, located on the ground floor of Alila Jakarta.

Buzz Restaurant . Alila Jakarta


It was nearly 6pm and the restaurant was almost empty.

Subsequently, we did saw some people coming in for food / drinks. I think we spotted Singaporeans too (because we overheard their conversation and the guy was talking about our local universities).

Lychee Ice Tea for him & Vanilla Frap for me.

Nasi Goreng Alila.

Love the seafood fried rice but not so much for the sate.

After dinner, we went back to our room to unload our stuff, before heading to the Executive Lounge again for Cocktail Hours.

Cocktail Hours . Executive Lounge


A variety of sauce available to go with your finger food.

Food aside, they also have a handful of selected cocktails available. I believed there is a menu on the table, which I must have missed out on taking a picture.

We stayed for quite a while at the Executive Lounge before heading back to our room. The original plan was to book an appointment at Spa Alila for an hour of body massage but such a bummer there weren’t available slots for us.


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