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November 3, 2016

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Finally down to our last day in Hong Kong. Nine days went by just like this and we were more than ready to head back home that day. Checked out of our hotel at 12 noon and took the MTR to Wan Chai. The weather was extremely hot that day that we didn’t feel like walking, even though Wan Chai and Causeway Bay is just a station away and is well within walkable distance.

📍 Wan Chai

📍 Tai Cheong Bakery

Unexpectedly came across Tai Cheong Bakery at Wan Chai and decided to get some egg tarts back to Singapore for our families. The egg tart is selling at HKD7 each but they were having some promo (on that day) whereby you can get two egg tarts for HKD8. So we each got 12 egg tarts to bring home.

We also bought two extra 酥皮蛋挞 to try, and we both thought that the original egg tart was nicer in comparison. The shop assistant also recommends the original one for takeaway.

📍 華新冰室

Walked further and found 華新冰室, another popular cafe / restaurant in Hong Kong. I would love to dine there but the queue was quite long when we were there at 1pm.

Since we didn’t want to spend time queuing, we ended up heading opposite to 靠得住 for congee and wanton noodle.

📍 靠得住

虾球鸡丝粥, HKD62

The congee was really good! I got three big, juicy prawns in there!

The Boyfriend ordered the 鲜虾云吞面 for HKD36.

We subsequently took a bus from Wan Chai back to Causeway Bay. It was basically just one bus stop away but because the weather was so hot, the Boyfriend refuse to walk.

We alighted outside SOGO and while on the way back to the hotel, I suggest dropping by Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop to get their 鱼肉煎豆腐 since we didn’t try it the other day. Ended up with a cup of chilled soya too!

I wasn’t holding high expectations but I must say the beancurd was really good! I bet it would taste even better if we have it in the shop and dip it in the sauce (they offer soya sauce, chili sauce and seafood sauce).

It looks so good that even a guy sitting next to us in the hotel lobby was asking what I was having.

After collecting our luggage, we decided to call for Uber to get us to the airport. Took us quite awhile before getting one and we eventually reached the airport at slightly passed 5pm.

The reason why we chose to take Uber was mainly because of the HKD100 off for first ride.

Saw one 759 Store at the airport. I didn’t go inside but the Boyfriend did, and he came out with a crabstick?!

This is what happened when I don’t tag along. He came out with the most random thing ever.

So, we actually reached the airport way earlier than required because I had to exchange my Duffy bear from the Disneyland store. I briefly mentioned earlier that the Boyfriend got me a huge Duffy when we were at Disneyland, but I eventually found out that there was a tear on his hand when I returned to the hotel. Immediately called Disneyland and they offer to do an exchange for me.

They actually don’t carry the bear at the Disneyland Store at Terminal 2 but they offered to help me to transfer the stock over from the store at Terminal 1 after I told them that we will be checking in from T2.

Successfully exchanged my Duffy and packed it into my luggage. The staff at the Disneyland store was so nice. Not only did she not show an attitude (for the exchange), she even apologize to me about the tear on my Duffy bear.

And this, is where I kept my Duffy. I specially allocated a whole luggage just for him.

Got this Gudetama luggage from Watsons and it was the perfect size for him.

We also bought cling wrap from the supermarket at HKD10 for a roll and use it to wrap my luggage so as to avoid any scratches. If we were to pay to have it wrapped at the airport, it will easily cost SGD8 and above?

Checked in our luggage, collected our boarding pass and off we went!

I actually had the worst flight ever because my teeth were so freaking painful during landing! I kid you not, I feel like someone was drilling straight through my teeth to my gum. Usually, I will only experience pain in my ears, so I wasn’t entirely sure why I was experiencing such excruciating pain in my ears and my tooth! Told the Boyfriend that if flying was going to be so painful, I never want to fly again.

I hope this post was not too long because I want to continue with a haul!

I don’t always do a haul for all of my trips but I thought it will be nice to share the things that I bought in Hong Kong. The majority of them are food items, though.

What I Got in Hong Kong


The first thing is none other than a box of twelve egg tarts that I hand carried back with me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave it in the fridge and they all turned (slightly) sour on the following day.

Next up is the Gudetama luggage that I got from Watsons. It retails at HKD459 + 10 e-stamps from Watsons.

To collect the e-stamps, we have to first obtain a Watsons card (free-of-charge) and then spend accordingly to accumulate the e-stamps. Every HKD50 spent is equivalent to one e-stamp.

We actually made several purchases before finally obtaining sufficient e-stamps to make the purchase.

There were two designs available and I personally prefer the yellow one. The blue one is rather pretty too, but I like yellow one more since it is the signature colour of the character. Most of the stores that we went to only have the blue one, so we must be lucky to eventually found a store in Wan Chai that carries the yellow one.

The size is slightly bigger than the black cabin size luggage I’ve from Victoria’s Secret so it’s definitely way too big as a carry-on.

And inside the luggage is none other than the Duffy bear that the Boyfriend got for me from Hong Kong Disneyland. This is the biggest size available and it retails for HKD698 (which I recently found out is considered cheap as compared to getting it from Japan).

It has been nearly 5 months since I returned from Hong Kong and I’m proud to say that he still secure a spot on my bed. To be honest, most of the time, soft toy don’t make it (stay) that long on my bed, before I kept it away. I guess he’s too big to be kept away.

I do honestly really like him. And I had once again affirm my love for him after my recent trip to DisneySEA.

Also from Hong Kong Disneyland is this Toy Story canvas tote bag (HKD198). Don’t ask me why I bought such a kiddy bag but let’s just say it was love at first sight. It probably wasn’t the wisest thing to get. So far, I’ve only brought it out once. What a waste.



Hong Kong Disneyland 10th Anniversary Tote Bag (HKD110). Bought a totally of three to keep and give away as gifts. They are available in Disneyland and in the Disneyland store at airport Terminal 2.

Moving on to the actual contents of my 29″ luggage:

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned the majority of them are food items.

Honey Butter Cashew Nut and Almond

You can easily get them now in Singapore but I believe they were cheaper in Hong Kong.

Jack ‘n’ Jill potato chips in Lobster Bisque and Honey Wings

NISSIN Cup Noodle potato chips in spicy seafood flavour (Found this in Bonjour)

出前一丁 potato chips in sesame oil flavour (Again, found in Bonjour. Who would have thought a cosmetic store will carry all these potato chips in interesting flavours.)

Pringles in assorted flavours – Potato Salad, Mushroom Soup, Salsa (Found these in 7-Eleven)

One of my sister’s favourites – Almond Finger Puff from Maxim’s Cakes. They have many outlets in Hong Kong.

Got this simply because my mom loves to eat this type of pastry egg rolls (Bought this from Wellcome supermarket). One box comes with 5 small packets.

Limited Edition NISSIN Crisp Choco in pancake flavour.

Assorted tin cookies from Disneyland. They do make as a nice gift for family members.

Knorr quick serve macaroni soup. Nothing much to say except they are nice, comforting food and I should have bought more.

Assorted instant ramen from Wellcome supermarket and 759 Store.

出前一丁 in Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu flavour and Kyushu Tonkotsu flavour.

Marutai Noodle in Cheese Tonkotsu flavour.

Marutai Hakata Noodles (Pork Chop).

Got them from 759 Store and they are so much cheaper as compared to other places. If I’m not mistaken, one packet was only SGD2+? Each packet is good for two people. Comes with two packets of soup base, so what I do is I will cook half and keep the other half in the fridge.

Got these two Essential hair care products from Watsons. (Remember I was trying to accumulate my purchase to obtain the e-stamps?) Not sure if the Speedy Care Mist is available in Singapore, but I’m sure the Night Care Milk (Sleeping Mask) is. I do like the Night Care Milk. Helps a lot to smooth out my frizzy hair, yet it wasn’t as heavy as hair oil.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Moisture + Oxygen Shampoo and Conditioner. Bought these (from Watsons) because I kept seeing their advertisement at the MTR station. (Good job to the marketing team! You have successfully gotten my attention of this new product!)

And quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to have more moisture and oxygen in their hair?

I have yet to try them as I’m trying to finish up all my other shampoo and conditioners. I already found a shop in JEM that carries this Dove shampoo and conditioner so at least now I know where to get them if they really work well.

Ammeltz Cura-Heat Patch for shoulder (HKD24.90), knee (HKD39.90) and back (HKD29.90). Got all three for my dad.

I don’t recommend buying the one for knee cap because they’re too small!

There were also a number of things that I forgot to take individual pictures of. Like my Pandora (Disney Parks Exclusive) Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat charm (HKD599), Son & Park Beauty Water (HKD199), My Scheming Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set, etc.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I was honestly quite looking forward to coming to Hong Kong the moment I know about the opportunity. But having completed this trip, I came to realise that I actually didn’t like Hong Kong that much. There just wasn’t that many things to do or shop while we were there. I’m surprised that even Disneyland fails to excite me as much as I would have thought it would.

My sister was discussing with me about going on a family vacation next year and it was either going to be Hong Kong and Taiwan. I immediately said Taiwan because I’ve no idea where to bring my parents if we do come to Hong Kong.

Have you been to Hong Kong? If so, let me know if you’ve any recommendations. I’m sure there are a lot more places to go, things to eat that we’ve yet to discover. Maybe future trips will be better?






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