2016 Hong Kong Day 5: Hong Kong Disneyland | Tsui Wah Restaurant

October 14, 2016

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Day 5 in Hong Kong! Started our day pretty late even though we had made plans to head to Disneyland (for the second time) that day by utilizing our 2-day pass. Our 2-day pass entitles us to head back to Disneyland on two separate days as long as they’re within a week.

On board the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station.

I think we only managed to reach Disneyland at about 4pm? Half a day was already gone, given that the theme park was open at 10:30am.

Fortunately, neither of us were keen on the attractions / rides, so our plan was only to be there for some photo taking and shopping.

The moment we entered the theme park, we actually spotted Duffy and ShellieMay right outside the Emporium store.

Unfortunately, they have ended the queue for the photo-taking and we were told to come back later. So we ended up heading inside the store to do some shopping instead.

That’s me, checking out the biggest Duffy bear available in store.

There’s also a medium size one available and the cool thing about the medium size Duffy is that you can actually purchase separate costumes to dress up your Duffy bear into other characters like Sulley (from Monsters, Inc) and Nemo (from Finding Nemo).

While checking out the variety of Duffy bears in store, we actually spotted Pluto from the window and decided to set aside our shopping and head outside for photo-taking instead.

Thereafter, we also returned for a photo with Duffy and ShelliMay.

Followed by a photo with Donald and Daisy.

It started to rain while we were queuing up to take pictures with Donald and Daisy and the Boyfriend had to stand in the rain because we didn’t have an umbrella with us.

Successfully gotten a shot with Donald and Daisy, but I don’t fancy their outfit, though. Next time please let me take a picture with Donald Duck in his original blue outfit, please. The first time I came to Hong Kong Disneyland, we took pictures with Donald too and he was seen wearing a green outfit.

After our photo-taking with the characters, we decided to head over to Tomorrowland, and subsequently to Toy Story Land.

Got ourselves some caramel popcorn at HKD42 from a food cart in Tomorrowland.

Just by the color of the popcorn, I think you can already tell that it actually tasted quite good.

“Mickey and the Wondrous Book”

Into Toy Story Land!

Many thanks to the Boyfriend for helping me to carry my purchases and for getting me the huge Duffy bear! I contemplated since the first time we came (three days ago) whether or not I wanted the Duffy bear. He made it clear that he wants to get that for me, but I just wasn’t sure whether if I really want it.

We still got it in the end and it has since been earning a spot on my bed. It’s huge and works out to be a good companion at night when I feel like hugging something to sleep.

So pretty! Especially when the lights are lit at night.

What’s his name again? Mr Potato Head?

“RC Racer”

I think this is one of the most thrilling rides that we saw in the theme park. The car actually speeds back and forth on a soaring U-shaped track. Very much like a Pirate Ship ride, just that it’s way higher!

“Slinky Dog Spin”

From Toy Story Land, we then walked over to Mystic Point; meanwhile passing by The Archive Shop. Popped inside and saw a nice display of all the Pandora charms.

Didn’t get any more charms as I already bought one of the “Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat” charm the other day when I came to Disneyland.

I’m sure the Disney Parks Exclusive and Hong Kong Disneyland Exclusive charms will make a good gift for any Pandora lovers.

Passed by Mystic Manor various times but we never once went in.

Anyone knows what’s inside?

Back at Main Street, U.S.A.

This place is even more beautiful at night!

We initially wanted to stay for the night parade. However, we were told that the parade was cancelled due to the bad weather. Not sure if there will be fireworks, but we decided not to watch anyway and leave early so as to avoid the crowd at the train station.

Thankfully, we already caught the night parade and fireworks on our previous visit. Imagine the disappointment when we came here and missed it again. It will be so unfortunate to miss it on the first time we came to Disneyland (in 2014) and missed it again.

Took the train back to Causeway Bay, dropped our belongings at the hotel, before heading out again for dinner. Decided to head to 翠华 so that I can get to eat my 猪扒包! What’s Hong Kong without trying the popular dishes – i.e. 菠萝包, 猪扒包, 奶油猪, etc.

翠华 . Tsui Wah Restaurant


Went to the branch at Sugar Street (near to SOGO Causeway Bay), since that was the nearest one from our hotel.

Their breakfast looks quite good too! We should find a time to come here for breakfast next time when we return to Hong Kong. Didn’t have the chance to do it this time round.

Ice Milk Tea

Noodle with vege – which the Boyfriend claims to be mediocre. I guess the sauce didn’t go well with the crispy noodle.

And I finally get to have my 猪扒包! I’m sure it wasn’t the best, but it will do. One set comes with two small burgers, instead of one big one.

Operating hours. We reached there at close to 10pm.

翠华 Tsui Wah Restaurant (Sugar Street Branch)
Unit 1-3, G/F, Causeway Bay Commercial Building, 1-5 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 9266
Opening Hours: 0700 – 0100

Late night shopping at 7-Eleven, before returning to the hotel. Only came across one 7-Eleven store that sells these interesting flavors of Pringles. I ended up getting a can of Mushroom Soup and a can of Salsa flavor Pringles.









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